those popular kids

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the bell had rang and the students already rushed into their respective classes as i walked through the hallway making my way to the teacher's office. i knocked and entered the room, my entry form in hand as i approached one of the teachers and the teacher pointed to a female teacher in her mid twenties sitting on her chair. i bowed at her and greeted her proceeding to introduce myself and handing in my files and papers. "oh, you're the transfer student?" she asked. her beautiful face smiled welcomingly. i nodded. "your grades are good, and you have a clean record" she smiled at me nodding at my records. "but you look rather different from your profile" she said looking at me and back to her profile picture.

"uh, yeah i just wanted a slight change" i smiled, slightly embarassed from the way she's looking at me. "the attention too much for you?" i just smilled and nodded. she then took me to the class. as we entered, the students were still noisy. nobody really cared about this plain new girl that just came in.

"good morning students" she greeted her students with a joyous tone. she's very passionate about her job i guess.

"good morning ms kang"

"students there's a new student in our class today." the teacher said and when she gave me the permission i introduced myself.

"hello everyone my name's kim taerin.. i hope we can be good friends.. please take care of me." i said in one breath. as i was too nervous.

everyone seemed uninterested. great start! i went to sit at the seat that is assigned to me by the teacher which is beside a girl named jeon jungah. i smilled at her and sat next to her.

at first she looked at me all weird but decided to talk to me anyway. i can't help but notice her cute bunny teeth and chubby cheeks.

"so, why did you move here?" jungah asked me with a curious tone. her friend, jieun immediately turned to listen to my explanation while jieun's seatmate didn't even take a glance at me.

"i just want a fresh start." i told them.

"why? did you get in trouble? was there a problem? were you bullied?" jieun asked curiously.

an amused laugh escaped me. i would usually be annoyed by these questions, but these are too cute." no, and why did you think that i was bullied? do i look that much of a loser?" i asked sarcasticly.

"well, tbh.." jungah paused and looked at jieun. they both nodded.

i laughed, "THAT'S GREAT!!" i said.

both of them gave the same reaction. eyebrows furrowed, weirded out by my reaction. i mean, if i were them i would also gave the same reaction. but they shrugged it off and laughed with me before the teacher called us out for being too noisy.

during lunch time, jungah, jieun and i went to the cafeteria together. they decided to take me to tour the school. "you seem fun! let's be friends." jungah's words keep on repeating in my head. who say those things anymore? i smilled to myself. i mean not a lot of people would want to befriend a loser on the first day, right?

"why are you smilling?" jieun asked.

"nothing" i said quickly.

"you're weird." jungah said. "no offense." she quickly took it back.

"chill yo!" i said.

we laughed. we clicked so quickly it's weird. it was as if we've been friends for a very very long time.

we went to the cafeteria and as soon as we sat down a crowd of people announced something about TXT and people got crazy.

"what's happenin? what's a txt?" i asked jieun and jungah.

"it's not a what, it's a who. they are the popular rich kids. just.. don't get on their badside. your school life will be miserable."  jieun said.

"i heard some students that they hate actually dropped out of this school because their parents went bankrupt." jungah added

cruel. i thought. i wouldn't dare do that. that's just abbusing your power against others.

not long after, girls screamed. their voices cleaved through my ear drums like daggers. then i spotted five boys emerging from the door and the girls went even wilder if that was even possible. they are handsome, i must agree with that, but these girls are just overreacting. at that i rolled my eyes at the girls.

"oh, and by the way. a lot of boys hate them. because they got all the girls because. just look at them!" jungah said.

i nodded smilling.

"and the worst thing is that those boys cannot do anything about it because they are just cripples compared to txt." jieun added.

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