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"honey, don't even dare."

just an average 4teen year old named Ari, and at the height of 5'4.
she can easily fall, so people called her a helpless romantic. people can fall for her easily, but she doesn't know why. she prefers kissing at first before anything else. can be rude, judgmental, nice, overprotective, and sometimes shy when you first get to meet her.



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 she adores summer, and the pool. she enjoys the activities included with summer, especially the cute clothing!
she enjoys cuddling, kisses, teddy bears, && more. she hates people who will keep secrets from her, and lies about the secret later on. she also enjoys being secretive, and childish.
people judge her by the way she's overprotective and rude to the people who hurt her friends. she cares about her appearance sometimes when it becomes a distraction.
she is looking for some new friends and possibly a lover.
hit her up if you wanna get to know her !

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