Out of the nest

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Knightfall academy

Sonata opened her eyes in the new room at the Omega Squad's quarters. She noticed that the bed that was across from her own was empty, even though it was wrinkled.

"So where did he go," she wondered," he was supposed to be in here as well... unless, did I wake up late?"


"Welcome to Knightfall," Rosemary stated as Ontario sat beside her in the truck.

"It's bigger than I ever imagined," Sonata stated in awe as she looked out the small window.

"That's only the tip of the iceberg," Rosemary replied," some areas can be raised up by magic for special events. And by the way, you did mention you wanted a personal guard, right?"

"Yes I did," Sonata stated as she looked over to Ontario.

"It seems you have chosen already," Rosemary scoffed as the truck stopped at the front. "Alexander, take Ontario to the squad room. (She then turns to Sonata) you do realize that due to the service you initially requested, you both have to share a room, right?"

"Yes I know," Sonata stated with an optimistic smile," he doesn't seem to be the, you know, perverted types."

As they got off, Sonata noticed Illena on a stretcher with a straight jacket and her legs tied together while she squirmed to get free.

"What happened to her," Sonata asked with concern.

"She just happened to get thirsty during the fight and consumed blood, which can make her a little, unstable mentally for a while," Rosemary replied," also include the fact that she hates being a passenger on any sort of vehicle."

"I see," Sonata replied as they made their way in.

"Since you are still going to be under our protection Miss Joy," Rosemary began," it is recommended in that you must wear a young soldier military uniform so that you don't stand out."

"Do the uniforms have longer skirts," she asked as she look down at Rosemary's skirt.

"Why do you ask that," Rosemary asked. Sonata lifted her ragged skirt just high enough so that she saw her legs had a shade of teal and were quite scaly.

"Oh, I see," Rosemary replied," then I'll see what I can do. Let us proceed to the squad room quickly then."

They reached the golden doors and they casually went inside. Sonata was amazed by the circular room and how fancy it was. The fireplace to the left, fancy chairs laid around the outer sides with books everywhere.

"Is this the squad room," she asked with some shock," but where are the beds and kitchen?"

"The kitchen is over to the right door and the hallway to the bedrooms is over at the left one. Once you have entered, just head straight down the hall and you will reach the bedroom for two."

"But, I don't see, any forms entertainment," Sonata asked seeing how simple the large main room was.

"There is a lever by the fireplace to raise some, electronics we smuggled from the planet known as earth along with our own entertainment systems," Rosemary stated," I don't waste my time with games so I train and push myself. And the only ones who use it is our leader, Illena and possibly the bird brain in the future. But there are books for if you aren't satisfied with electronics alone. Make note we do update our content by requirements of law every year."

"So is it safe to assume that this squad is bigger than it is right now," Sonata asked," how many members in total are there."

"We are a total of six while most other squads have over twenty," Rosemary replied," I think so many members are more chaotic and less strategic."

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