38 ~ A Broken Record

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"You like him."

That sentence has been replaying in my head for the past day like a broken record. I haven't talked to Kaminari at all since then.  Of course though he's messaged me.... A lot. 

I know I must be worrying him, but haven't been able to bring myself to reply or socialize with him at all. I needed to figure some things out first. 

Realization had hit me like a fucking truck.  I now realize that those little skips of my heart and the strange, fluttery feelings meant I had feelings for him. I fell for those dumb pick up lines and good looks,  and that stupid,  beautiful singing.

Should I confess?  Should I tell him that I now realize that I have a stupid little crush on him, and I accept all the pick up lines and flirting? What would he say?  I mean he's always flirting with other girls.  Who's to say I'm any different from them?

This is so hard..... I need help.  I need advice.


"Hey Mina." I mumbled into the phone.

"Yeah what's up?  Midori texted me and said you weren't at school.  Are you okay?"

"Well... Uh about that... I need you to come over.  I need your help." I struggled to find the right words to say.

"Okay...well I'll be over ASAP."

She hung up and I sat on the couch.  I felt tired from not sleeping at all.  I felt gross and unmotivated to do anything. Haru wasn't here either so she couldn't force me to do anything.  She had left early this morning to head to her school.

Soon enough the door had flung open revealing a concerned looking Mina who held a bag from our favorite ice cream shop,  Coldstone.

"So spill what's going on?" She walked over towards me breathing heavy from rushing here.

"I-I think you should sit down for this one. Also I want the ice cream first." I said nervously.

"Alright, here." She looked at me concerned,  holding out a bowl full of my favorite ice cream.

"So Haru helped me come to the conclusion that I-I..uh.... L-like Kaminari." I managed to finally admit.

"I thought it'd happen at some point. But OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING!! SO ADORABLE!!! GOD I KNEW IT!! YOU TWO WOULD MAKE A GREAT COUPLE!!  WHEN ARE YOU GONNA CONFESS?!!" She sequeled practically beaming with excitement whole I sat there embarrassed by everything.

"I'm not going to confess." I said.

"Why not?" Mina suddenly looked down confused and filled with worry. 

"There's no way he likes me." I huffed as I took a spoon full of my ice cream.

"What do you mean?!  He has to have some feelings for you.  I mean look at the messages he sends you."

Sero informed me that he's like this with tons of girls." I shrugged.

"Maybe at first but look at how close you two have gotten.  There's no way he doesn't like you back!"

"Maybe but what if I'm right and he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. My life would go back to plain and boring.  I don't think I can go back to that."

"But there's still that slight chance! You have to try!" Mina encouraged with that bright,  beaming smile.

"How would I even confess. Just call him up and be like 'hey just called to tell you I have a depressing crush on you.'" I rolled my eyes.

"You gotta speak his language and sing him a song,  and take another trip to Tokyo." She smirked.

"Absolutely not." I deadpaned.

"I think it's a great idea." Mina laughed.

"I can't even sing." I sighed.

"I have the perfect song, though."

".... What song?"

"Pull out your phone and I'll show you." I hesitantly pulled out my phone handing it to her.

The song played and about half way through I said. "You're right this is the perfect song..... I'll do it I guess.

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