39: Date Night

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The puppy turned out to be in pretty good health, aside from being overdue on shots, but Mitch, Wesley and I left the vets with a brand new family member and, needless to say, Wesley was beyond excited about it.
We bought toys, food and clothes for the new puppy and come lunch time, he and Wesley were in the yard and were running around and playing adorably.
"What should we name it?" Scott asked, sitting on our bed as we watched Wesley play in the backyard with the puppy through our bedroom porch doors.
"Wesley was calling it Bolt earlier, I think," I replied with a shrug, turning back to putting laundry away. "I think it fits him,"
"Bolt? Yeah, that's pretty cute."
"Do these still fit you?" I asked, holding up a pair of underwear I remembered Scott wearing in highschool. Leave it to Scott to keep underwear for so long and not find it weird.
"Yes they do," he replied. "And they're my favorite underwear, so you better not throw them away,"
"What year did you get them?"
"Only junior year of highschool,"
I rolled my eyes, "only junior year of highschool, says the college junior,"
"Ouch. Come on, you know you have clothes from highschool too,"
I nodded, "I do, but none of its underwear related,"
"Well.. sucks."
I shook my head and Scott glanced out the window while I finished the laundry. When I looked outside, I saw Wesley sitting in the grass with the puppy by his side. He had a book on his lap and was reading to the dog and I'd be a bold faced liar if I said I didn't find the sight beyond adorable.
"He's going to be such a good big brother," Scott gushed, smiling at the sight of Wes. "I still can't believe he's our little boy, Mitchie. He's honestly so perfect,"
"He really is," after a few minutes, we went outside and were greeted by Wesley telling us about the book he was 'reading' to the dog.
"I showed him the truck!" Wesley chirped, smiling when I kissed his forehead and sat at the picnic table he sitting by.
"You did? That's so good, buddy! Did you pick a name for the new puppy?"
He nodded, "Truck!"
"You want to name the dog Truck?" Scott asked, chuckling as he played with the puppy. "I don't think we can name it that, buddy. What about.. Roofus?"
"No thank you," Wesley shook his head and climbed onto my lap. "Dog!"
"Still not a name, Handsome," I chuckled and smoothed his hair back. "Can I see your cast, baby?" He held up his arm and I gently turned it in my hand. We were less than a week away from getting it off and even though we were all excited, Scott and I knew how much Wesley would hate physical therapy.
He wiggled his fingers and I smiled, bringing them to my lips and kissing his knuckles. "I love you, handsome," I told him, earning a bright smile.
"I love you, daddy!" He hugged me the best he could before sliding off of my lap and going to play with Scott and the puppy.

Scott PoV

I wanted to take Mitch on a date night so when Kirstie came over and Mitch and I got ready, we left for a nearby restaurant that Mitch and I always went to when we were still in highschool.
It was a cute little themed diner with a very 60's theme. The booths were leather and bright lights and signs covered the inside of the diner. The menus were simple, but Mitch said it was one of the few places that didn't make him sick when he was pregnant with Wesley.
We sat across from each other and I handed him the menu to look over first, and he ended up deciding on a meal for the both of us.
"Nothing like a big ol' burger and some fries," I gushed, taking a fry and dipping it into ketchup while Mitch dipped his into the cheese. "How're you feeling, love?" I asked, watching as he sat back and took his coat off.
"I'm sweating like a motherfucker," he groaned, reaching for our shared drink. "Do I look red to you?"
"No love, you look fine,"
He made a face, "just 'fine'?"
I rolled my eyes and leaned across the table, kissing him and earning a smile. "Not just fine," I corrected myself, smiling at him. "Beyond fine. Sexy, actually; so sexy that it blows my mind,"
"I better be; this is your fault," I laughed when he pointed to his stomach.
"You're so annoying," he chuckled and we sat and talked for hours before deciding on getting dessert across the street at a little ice cream shop.
I held the door open for Mitch and followed him in, only to have him scrunch his face up at the sight of the ice cream.
"Never mind," he mumbled. "I think I'm good on the dairy," I chuckled and nodded, apologizing to the workers before following Mitch back out and to my car. I helped him in and when he sat in, he let out a heavy sigh. "I'm fucking massive,"
I laughed, "I love this uncensored side of you," he rolled his eyes but returned my kiss and I couldn't help but grin at his cute little blush. "I love you."
"Yeah yeah," I chuckled and sat in the driver's side of the car and pulled onto the main road.
"I do!"
"I'll believe that when you propose to me," I laughed again and Mitch's smile sent me beaming. "I love you too, I guess. Can we get frozen yogurt?"
"I thought you didn't want ice cream?"
"Ice cream and frozen yogurt are two very different things," he replied, shrugging.
"I mean, I guess," I rested my hand on his knee and his fingers wrapped around my hand. "We can do whatever you want, my love."
When I glanced over, he bit his lip. "Anything?"


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