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It was you and Jungkook's 3rd anniversary of being together although there are up and downs within this relationship, you will never let anything take Jungkook away from you..

"Aish!" You sad to yourself, It was your 3rd anniversary but Jungkook and the hyungs are on a tour.... You were hesitating to yourself when you heard the phone rang you pick it up and heard Jungkook's voice :

"Jagi I will be back early with the hyungs the last few stops are canceled so see you later... i miss you so much!


"Oppa I miss you too... see you later"

After a hour you heard the doorbell ring.. " Ding Dong Ding Dong "

You open the door to see Rap monster, V, J-Hope , suga , Jin and Jimin but not Jungkook.... You ask them where jungkook was and felt someone's hands around your waist hugging you from behind..... You turn around to see Jungkook's face and guess that he came in from the back door..

With the hyung still outside, Jungkook shut the door and told the hyungs to go home... You went to the kitchen wanting to cook something fo Jungkook and broke the hug between you guys and ask Jungkook what he wanted...

You are at the counter when Jungkook suddenly carried you to the room and threw you to the bed....

He started kissing your neck leaving marks and went slowly down your body..

¤¤¤Time skip ¤¤¤

Both of you were naked on the bed... you turn to Jungkook as he said " Happy 3rd Anniversary jagi , Saranghaeyo"

You turn to say " Saranghaeyo oppa" and sleep on his chest with his hand at your waist area....


this imagine is short but hope you guys like it.... i do request now so if you want to request for any storyline just comment in the following order


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