Chapter 24: Welcome Home

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The nine of them took off down the path, and didn't look back.

Ryn's legs were pumping like never before, fueled by immense fear, adrenaline coursing through her bloodstream.

She could hear the angry, wild screams and shouts of the mob racing behind them, but she didn't dare turn her head to see just how close they were.

What would the people do if they caught them?

Her thoughts danced back to the posters she'd seen pinned up all around town, and her stomach churned.

Just keep on running, Ryn. Whatever you do, don't stop running!

'This way!' Colt called, from up at the front of the sprinting group.

'Where are we going?!' Jasper cried.

'We have a safe house, further up north!' Elizabeth's voice carried through to the nine of them from somewhere close behind Ryn.

'I have a safer one. As long as we can lose them before we get there!'

They broke through the edge of the path, emerging onto a quiet street somewhere in the south-eastern quadrant of the city.

The few pedestrians that walked the paths here, so late in the afternoon as it was now, turned with alarm at the speeding group as they raced past them, a gust of exhausted air left in their wake.

She could hear the laboured breaths pouring from the chests of everyone around her but not a single one of them dared to stop moving, running as fast as their bodies would allow, spurred on by the thought of the deadly risks that would embrace them if they stopped.

Despite their various speeds, they kept relatively close together, and for that, Ryn was beyond glad. If one of them got left behind, they'd have no choice but to turn back and grab them, and by that time, their pursuers would, no doubt, have caught up.

'They're still on our tail!' Elliot shouted from beside her. 'About twenty meters or so behind!'

'We have to shake them off!' Colt growled. 'They can't be that close by the time we get into the trees!'

'Why don't we just stop and fight them off?!' Jackson blurted, barely a pace behind Colt.

'No!' Aderyn screamed. 'We can't just fight them!'

'Why not?' He shot a quick glance back towards her. 'You wanted us to fight the Silver Scorpion!'

'The Silver Scorpion is a bad guy!'

'Well these people certainly aren't nice guys!' Darcy cried out to her, from somewhere to her left.

'They outnumber us, anyway!' Quentin called out from close to the back of the group. 'We wouldn't stand a chance!'

'Don't let the Monsters get away!' Aderyn heard a voice carry through the megaphone, and she risked a glance over her shoulder.

The angry mob of mutant-hating humans were pouring down the street after them, in a stretched out snake of a line. The megaphone speaker was at the head of the pack, with the notorious Danny not far behind him.

'We can't let them get away!'

People stopped to stare as they passed, jumped out of the road with alarmed cries, or merely screamed in the wake of the two racing groups; the former sprinting for their lives from spiteful predators, the latter chasing their much-hated prey.

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