A Jackass

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Man, I really needed to pull some extra jobs for cash today. I'm beat. 

You placed your axe in the closet and closed the door before taking off your shirt. In nothing but a towel around your waist, you walked through the house to the bathroom.

I need a good warm bath.

You took off your towel and put it on a rack near the sink before opening the door and seeing Asia already there. She looked at you, and her eye's trailed downwards to your jewels. Realizing what was happening you covered your junk and turned around.

S-sorry, my bad.

You went to leave but was stopped when Asia grabbed your forearm. 

Asia "Um.......I've.........never seen.......another mans..........y-you know.........thing.......before."

I-I'm sorry, I didn't know that you were in here, It's my fault.

Asia "Well.......should we make the most of it?"

What do you mean?

Asia "Well, I heard that when two people take a bath together it helps them understand each other on a deeper level."


Asia "Y-yeah, when two people interact during a bath it's supposed to deepen their relationship."

You felt your heart skip a beat when she pressed her bare back against you. 

Asia "I just want to get to know you better, I see how close you are with everyone at the club and I want to be like that too."

Your heart was beating out of your chest, you placed your hands on Asia's shoulders and turned to face her.

Sorry Asia, but it's not that I don't want to get to know you better either. It's just, not like this, I don't even think I'm ready for something like this. Besides, you wouldn't like the real me.

Before she could respond, you left her to finish up as you just went back to your room and got into a pair of shorts and a tank top. You saw a red light appear and next thing you knew Rias was in your room.

Rias? It's kinda late don't you think.

She just looked at you.

Is everything ok?

Rias "Y/n, I need you to take me."

Huh? Come again?

Rias "I need you to take my virginity."

She started undressing before you could get a chance to respond.

H-Hold on Rias, you wanna explain why this is happening so suddenly?

Rias "Am I not good enough?"

No! By god no your gorgeous.

She pushed you onto the bed and climbed in top of you.

Rias "You too? You're a virgin right?"


Rias "Once it becomes know that I am ruined I'll be free."

She unclipped her bra and threw it to the side.

Rias "I'm trusting you."

She grabbed your hand and placed it right on her boob.

Rias "Go ahead, just touch them all you want."

W-Wait a minute, timeout.

Rias "Are you choosing to not have me?"

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