Side Story 2: Visiting New In-Laws (2)

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Today, Su Jian visited his old neighborhood again.

Ever since he had a child, although he didn’t have a sudden burst of motherly instinct like a woman, he definitely felt that he had changed. In the past, children were just the early stage of the human form to him, and looked very cute. However, most of the time, brats made him very irritated, so he looked at children neutrally. He didn’t hate them, but he also didn’t particularly like them. However, ever since Su Jian had his own baby, he felt wonderful thinking about how the baby had the same blood flowing in her as him. Describing the feeling, it would be, “It seems that I have simultaneously grown strong and gained a weakness.”

Another change in him was his mentality towards his parents.

Back then, there was no doubt he loved his parents. However, it was only after he had a child and became a parent himself that he truly understood how his parents felt. When he heard his parents voice through the phone, there were many times Su Jian wanted to tell the truth. But when he saw the cradle by his side, he held himself back ultimately.

Su Jian walked familiarly into the neighborhood. Very soon, he saw a familiar figure.

There was a woman in front, heading home while carrying two large bags of vegetables. Who else could that be but his mother?

Su Jian was excited. He quickly rushed forward and said, “Auntie, let me help you carry!”

Mother Su was stunned as she looked at the woman who suddenly appeared. She said, “No need…”

Su Jian had already taken the bag from her enthusiastically. “Need! Auntie, just let me do it!”

Mother Su couldn’t beat his stubbornness and could only let go. She said in gratitude, “Thank you very much.”

Su Jian helped mother Su carried her things to her house and mother Su invited him into the house for a drink. Naturally, Su Jian gladly accepted the invitation. However, as he saw the familiar furnishing in the house and felt the familiar atmosphere he hadn’t experienced for so long, he couldn’t help but felt teary.

“Here, have a drink.” Mother Su poured a cup of water and passed it to Su Jian.

Su Jian quickly received it with both hands. Holding the cup of water in his hands, Su Jian saw mother Su looking at him carefully. His heart couldn’t help but stiffen. He asked, “What’s wrong auntie?”

Mother Su said, “I didn’t notice this earlier. Now that I look at you closely, you seem familiar…”

Su Jian thought that it was normal if mother Su found his face familiar since he appeared at his own funeral before. However, he didn’t really want to mention the funeral as it would upset his mother. He was about to answer when he heard his mother asked, “Girl, do you know Yang Shufen?”

Yang Shufen? Isn’t that the name of sister Su’s mother? Su Jian nodded dazedly and replied, “Yes. She is my… mother.”

“So you really are Shufen’s daughter!” Mother Su said in pleasant surprise, “No wonder I found your face so familiar, especially these two braids. It was the same as your mother back in those years!”

Su Jian looked down at his braids quietly. These braids were done by An Yirou. He felt that this hairstyle was pretty good, so he headed out with it. He didn’t expect that it would become a tool for recognition.

Sister Su’s mother actually knew my mother!Su Jian was a little stupified by this dramatic development. He asked, “Auntie, you know my mother?”

“I do! Your mother and I were good friends when we were students!” Mother Su enthusiastically pulled Su Jian to sit down and continued, “However, I think your mother married afterward and left the province. I didn’t have any way to contact your mother. How is she now? Is her health okay?”

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