Chapter 14

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[Y/N] feel like she is being thrown away as the last thing she heard was someone calling her name before she hit the cold waters of the ocean as her world then turn black.

Well guess that's what happend.. And now that she is currently at the bottom of the ocean in the middle of knowhere, you can say that she is.. Hopeless. Her legs are located not far from her spot, but she can't really reach them with one arm only.

[Y/N] then let out a soft sigh at her current form, her powder is wearing off and the salty waters is tickling her pure gem-like skin. Even in a situation like this, the [H/C] haired gem doesn't feel anything, she's not panicking whatsoever. Maybe it is because of the fact that the sea is quite calming.

No sounds except of the rushing waves above her, unlike in school where of coures there are screams, shouts and screeches of the gems, not the mention the tush hours where she had to work all night long just to piece the gems up.

While [Y/N] is deep within her thoughts she didn't realize that the sun is setting and soon the sea floor is lit up with diffrent colors of jellyfish that swam freely in front of her, their light produces a calming aura and soon, [Y/N] found herself closing her shiny [E/C] orbs.

Meanwhile, back at the school. Yellow returned, holding two black obsidian made swords at night, Bort who was waiting for his other diamond family member stood silently at the top of the school bell and when his eyes met with Yellow's devastated ones, he jumped down and quickly ran towards him as he realized that [Y/N] is no where to be found.

"Where is she?!" The black haired gem exclaimed as he started to shook Yellow by his collar.

Yellow's usually shining yellow orbs are now dull, they don't emit that happy-go-lucky and cheery aura anymore. Other gems who are passing by overheard the conversation as some of them dropped to the ground in shook, such as Benito who couldn't believe his friend, his only friend who can put up with his witty and shy attitude is now gone.

Rutile dropped her scissors as she slammed the medical table in distress. Sensei who heard the sound of wood being slam stood up only to found Rutile curling up on the floor, shaking. Kongo scooped her up gently before asking her what is going on.

When he heard her answer, his eyes widen. He curled his gloved knuckles tightly before telling the gems to meet up in the meeting hall. He then conduct a searching party to find [Y/N] in the sea, his order lit up a spark of hope in each gems. As they quickly rushed to do their parts.

Euclase helped Rutile with preparing the resin, Diamond and some other gems helped prepare the jellyfishes as they need them for some lighting. Bort and Jade lead the operation as the gems and Kongo then walk towards the western parts of the beach. On the way there, Phos secretly walked behind them, he tried to be quiet as possible as he was not supposed to be here.

Sensei forbid him to come and didn't tell him about [Y/N] but even without Sensei telling him, he already knew what happend to his senior. And he is not going to sit down and stay at the school while the others are going to find her. He is going to help, but of coures, secretly.

Too bad Zircon noticed the peppermint gem's attempts but he decided to keep it to himself as he know how the young gem must have felt, because Zircon himself is also feeling the same way, but he belive that he and the others are definitely going to find her and bring her back safely.

Right now, he has a much harder task to do, comforting and cheering his partner up. Yellow took the blame, he blamed himself for always loosing his partner.

But Yellow didn't loose a partner today, he lost a friend.

The gems then dipped themselves into the resin before diving down to the deep, dark and cold ocean. Each gems has a jellyfish in their clutches, except for Bort who has like a dozen of them got tangled in his hair. The black haired gem looked everywhere, he is the one who dared to even left the others behind to move forward alone. While the others have gone up to rest for a bit, he is the one who continued on.

The search continued till morning, just right after the sun replaced the moon, they decided to stop the search the ocean due to the fact that they just ran out of resin. But Phos then crawl out of his hiding place, suprising the other tired gems.

"Why are we stopping the search?!" He then yelled, but his remark was cut of by Sensei who only pat his head gently.

"She is now part of the sea, let her go," Sensei replied with a soft sad smile.

Morganite refused to believe this as she then decided to speak up. "Maybe [Y/N] is washed up somewhere, we haven't checked the beaches yet!" After Morga said that, the gems looked to each other before nodding curtly.

They ignored their tiredness as they now started to walk towards diffrent parts of thr beaches, some went to the east, some to the north, others to the southern parts and some stayed in the western parts of the beaches. Kongo couldn't help but to feel somewhat proud of his gems, their will to find [Y/N], their will to find a lost friend of theirs and not loosing hope.

Phos then accompanied Sensei back to school as the bald man needs his rest.

During the patrol, none of the gems exchange any words, even the usually talkative gems are rather silent. Jade then turned to Euclase, "Do you think she's still in the ocean..? What if we can't find her?" He ask slowly as he stared into the vast blue ocean.

"I can't answer whether she is still in the ocean or she is already washed up, but all I know is that [Y/N] is fine," Euclase replied her psrtner's question with a reasurring smile.

"How so?" Jade tilt his head in confusions after hearing what Euclase just said. "How do you know that she is fine?"

"I just know, she is a clever gem, and a tough one too."

Before Jade could ask another question, he was cut off by none other than Yellow Diamond who listened to Euclase's remark.

"Oh shush Jade, Euc is right. We have to believe in her, she will come back to us, either in one piece or maybe in parts" He said with a soft smile.

"Let's just hope she is in one piece," Zircon said. Earning a grin and a laugh from the other gems.

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