"Well.. You can finish it.. I'm just going to go to sleep." I say to Sera before falling asleep on the couch.

Fierzza's POV (yep it's yo BOI Fierzza again!)

I can't believe, I'm in the girl's dorm, in Seraphina and Elaine's room, and I'm in Elaine's room!

I quickly panicked and then slapped myself.

Just.. Stay calm Fierzza, she probably won't be back soon so..

Then I hear the door open.

"Elaine your back!" I hear a voice say which I assumed was Sera.

"Yep! And why isn't he gone?" Elaine questions Sera.

I assumed Elaine was talking about John.

"Because he was helping me with a project, now go." Sera says.

Elaine opens the door to her room.

"Oh and also, Fierzza's sleeping in your room." Sera says smirking at me and Elaine.

Elaine looks at me with a discerned expression.

"Um.. Alright.." Elaine says looking at me and then looking away.

Elaine closes the doors and looks at me again.

"L-look I'm sorry about what happened alright?" Elaine apologizes to me.

"Well, I guess you would have to tell my brother that, but I gladly accept your apology." I say to her.

Elaine gives me a skeptic look before going to her bed.

"So.. Like since your sleeping with me- I mean.. Sleeping in my room, I mean-" Elaine says before I interrupt her.

"Alright, this is not going to be awkward, jeez. Also, if we're both sleeping on the bed, know that I don't have any feelings toward you." I say to her.

She smiles.

"Ok then." Elaine says before reaching towards the light switch and flicking it off.

She goes to the bed and I follow, I stumble into something and I silently cursed.

I get on the soft comfy bed and closed my eyes.

I fell into the land of dreams.

Time skip brought to you by weird moments and other stuff

I opened my eyes and saw light shining, and then got up and was met with a room and a bed, a desk and- wait a minute.. A girl?!

Then I remembered last night, and I quickly left Elaine's room.

I then saw Seraphina, checking her phone and no John.

"Hey Seraphina. Where's John?" I say to her.

"John already left. And you can call me Sera since John calls me that anyways." Sera replies to me.

"K thanks Sera." I say to her.

"You didn't need to say that right now." Sera says to me.

"Ok then, bye Sera." I say and quickly left Sera and Elaine's room.

I quickly check where the exit was for the girl's dorm.

I saw a few girls staring at me and then they looked away.

"Hey Fierzza!" A girl says before touching me with electricity.

"ARGHH! AHH FUCK!" I say before looking at who did it.

"REMI?! WHAT.. THE.. FUCK!?" I yell at her.

"Hey I just wanted to see why you were at the girl's dorm. Need any help with anything? Maybe the way out of the girl's dorm?" She says to me.

Huh.. Does she read minds too?

"Yeah I need to find the way out of the girl's dorm.. What do you think?" I say to her with a annoyed expression.

"Alright fine, let's go." Remi says to me and shows me the way out.

"Wow it was right there?" I say back to her with a astonished expression.

"Yep. See you later." Remi says before walking away.

I activate my ability and sent grey lighting towards her, or as you would call it, smoke lighting.

"AHH! FIERZZA!" Remi yells before looking back at me and walking towards me.

I quickly exit the girl's dorm to avoid being killed by a girl.

Alright now what I need to do now is go home.

I used my ability and sped down to the streets and went to the way home.

Then I saw a shop that looks interesting..

Woaba Boba?

Alright, let's go.

I walk in and order a drink.

I then walked out of the shop with my drink in my hand and started walking home again.

"Excuse me young man?" A women says running up to me.

"I'm really late for my meeting, can you tell me the time?" The women asks me.

"Sure." I say checking my phone.

"10:54." I say to her.

"Thank you!" She says before rushing away.

Hmm that was strange.. Whatever.

I take a sip from my drink and kept walking.

Then I was met with a dead alleyway, four people with knives, and a truck.


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