Chapter 8

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John's POV (yes you finally get to see John's point of view)

"Hey Sera? You want me to do this?" I say showing her the paper.

"Well what do you think? And I told you not to call me Sera." Sera says staring at me.

"Tsk tsk tsk.. No can do Sera.. See? I did it again! Sorry Sera! Whoops. Heh." I say smiling.

"Don't make me come over there." Sera replies back to me and then starts working again.

Wait.. What's that I hear?

I hear a boy's voice that sounded somewhat like Fierzza.. But why would Fierzza be here anyways?



My thoughts were quickly cleared as I heard running towards Sera and Elaine's room.

You know I never liked Elaine that much and when Sera told me that Elaine was her roommate I thought I was going to be fucked. At least they let me in didn't they?

I heard rapid knocks on the door and stopped working and so did Sera.

"What was that? Don't tell me.. Elaine has a boyfriend?" Sera says smirking before walking towards the door and opening it.

"Hi Elaine's boyfri-" Sera says and then looks at who she was talking to.


"Wow, your Elaine's boyfriend?" Sera asks Fierzza smiling.

"Wtf? Hell no, not in a trillion years. I'm here for John to give me his keys." Fierzza says looking at me.

"Don't tell me Fierzza.. That you lost it." I say before face palming myself.

"But.. I did." Fierzza replies and walks to me with his hand outstretched.

"Well I don't give a shit! You can stay here or go back!" I yell at Fierzza.

"Jeez, at least be a good brother." Fierzza says before reaching for the keys in my pocket.

I slap his hand away.

"Look Fierzza, if you want to at least sleep somewhere then sleep with Elaine." Sera says smirking at my brother.

"Ahahaha! Yeah Fierzza, sleep with Elaine!" I say smirking.

"F..fuck. Fine." Fierzza says with a ungrateful look on his face.

"Your welcome Fierzza." Sera says smiling and showing Fierzza where Elaine's room is.

I see Sera walk out of Elaine's room and I hear Fierzza sigh.

"Sooooo... Since he's sleeping here, I could sleep with you right?" I joked to Sera.

".. Are you seriously asking that? A cripple and the Queen of Wellston High? I don't think so, you can get the couch though." Sera sarcastically says to me.

"Yeah sure, I'll take whatever else you got too." I say to Sera.

"Right... Let's just finish this." Sera says before working on the project again.

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