Chapter 6

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Ah fuck.

The girl who I beaten up at school who was the Queen of Wellston High who is also working with my brother John for a project is over here!?


I quickly go back into my room but I felt myself not being able to move.


They saw me!?

"Wow, real sneaky of you Fierzza." John says from behind me.

"No he wasn't sneaky, he was dumb." Says a voice I recognize. Ugh I hate dealing with annoying people, especially when it was a Queen that I beaten up at school!

"See? I told you that you would get your revenge!" Says John excitedly to Seraphina.

"Grr.. Let.. Me.. GO!" I yell as loud as I can.

"Uhh.. No thank you." Yells Seraphina from behind.

Oh my fucking...

I swear if you don't release me right now.. You are doomed.

I hear both of them laughing at me.

What was so funny?

Then I realized I said that out loud.

"FUCK! ALRIGHT! NOW LET ME OUT!" I shout at the top of my lungs.

"Oh Fierzza! I think you need to apologize!" Says John from behind me.

Seraphina walks right in front of me and smirks.

"Well? Aren't you going to say it?" She says with a smile.

I grit my teeth and then calmed myself down.

All you have to do is apologize Fierzza. That's all.

"I'm.. very.. NOT SORRY!" I say smirking.

"Well, I told you he was entitled." Says John before poking me.

"Hey can I make him stay here for a bit?" Seraphina asks John.

"Yeah sure. I'm pretty sure he won't mind." John replies as they both go back to the couch and do their project.


I swear, both of them are going to get it now!

I close my eyes really hard and then open them again.

My ability activated and smoke came flooding everywhere.

I smile.

Revenge is already feeling good!

"Fierzza! What the fuck did you do!?" John yells trying to find his way to me.

"Nothing! What the fuck do you think?!" I yell back at him and smirk.

"Yeah it's Fierzza." A voice says from in front of me.

Oh shiiiiit. Seraphina, why you always gotta ruin it?

"If you guys don't release me I'll send in more smoke!" I say before I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"No thanks." Seraphina says before smirking at me and leaving.

"John we don't need to stay here, we can just go to my dorm." Seraphina says opening the door.

"Come on! Just at least just do whatever time thing you do to unfreeze me!" I say at Seraphina.

Please don't leave me like this. I actually need to do stuff.

"Come on guys, don't be that way!" I say before hearing the door shut.

Wow they just left me like that?

This is Fierzza abuse ya know!

I then fell to the ground.

Huh, I guess Seraphina finally decided to let me go.

Alright whatever, I'm going to get a new phone. Ugh.

I go to my room and put on one of my leather jackets.

Alright let's go.

I got out of my room and opened the door and walked out. I saw a store that was still open that says "Phones Sell and Repair!" and I went to it.

I went inside to the store and was met with 2 people fighting a cripple.. Or as you would call it, beating up one. I remembered when me and John were like that.. And I went to stop them.

"Hey you two! Stop right!" I say before activating my ability.

They turn towards me and stare at me.

"Do you really want to get involved in this? Your probably just a cripple aswell!" They say laughing.

I use my smoke and make a giant claw and caught them in it.

"Your going to regret that." I say before tossing them into a wall.

I approached the cripple and noticed he had the Wellston High uniform on.

Huh.. I saw him before.. Somewhere.

Shit guess I ain't getting my phone or going home anytime soon, those two just got up.

Don't be so entitled, because soon it will be a part of you.

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