Dj Drop The Needle , Make It Scratch

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" Happy birthday To You , Happy birthday To You , Happy birthday Dear Alex . Happy Birthday To You . "

6 years Old . Finally A real Birthday With A Real Birthday Cake and Birthday Present's I Remember. Mickey Mouse And Friends Figurines Were The Toppers For The Cake. a whole Camping Scene With Eeyore And Donald The Wood fire Pit And A kettle for cooking. I Truly Think the Cake Toppers Were better Than The Present's. I Wonder If I Can Still find Them. This Time Period In life Was good ... Or At Least In My Mind It Was good. I Wasn't Thinking about The Past And I Wasn't Worried About The Future. For The Very First Time I Can Actually Say That I Was A Real Child. Fun Laughing and Happy. Good Times Type Ish

Damn Life Sucks 

Ring Ring Ring 

" Hello Sanders Residence "

"Hi Oleta Its Kathy "

Click ... Dial tone ..... 

Angry Muttering Then Fingers Redialing ... 

Ring Ring Ring 

" Sanders Residence "

" Oleta Its Kathy Don't hang up "

" What !!! What Do You Want ... :

" I Want To Talk To Alex "

" He Isn't Here "

" When Will he be " 

" Why "

 "Because I Am Coming into Town And I Want To See Him "

" You Cant seen Him "

" Oleta I Will Get A judge To Make A Court Order "

" Do It We Have More Money " 

" Fine Oleta ".. Click ... Silence 

6 months Passes Without Another Phone Call Like that... 

Suddenly There Is A Knock At The Door 

I Scream Out I Got It as I Run From My Room to The Front door Only To open It To Some strange Woman... 

HUh??? Who Are you ??? 

Looking At Me The Lady States Ina mater Of Fact tone Of voice 

" You Must Be Alex . "

" Yes Ma'am " 

" Is Your Grandparents Home "

One Second ... " GRANDMA " I scream As Loud As I Can as I Walk Away From the Door Leaving The Woman Standing there by herself. Grandma Comes To the Door As I Enter Into My Room Uncaring As To Who This Might be At The door. Grandma Of Course Dressed In Her Traditional Pink Robe. That Damn Pink Robe I Will Never Forget That .. Truly Iconic Grandma Status  ... Curlers And A Robe. 

" Yes Can I Help You " 

" Hi I'm Blah Blah Blah From the County Office Of Child Advocates "

At This Moment A Look hits my Face that shows My Grandma Is As Confused As If Agent Coulson From Shield Just Told Her That Shield Stands For The Strategic Homeland Intervention And Enforcement Logistics Division.  

My Grandma Lets Her In They Sit down And Talk For A Super Long Time. 

Then She Leaves And I never Thought Of That Woman Again ... At Least until She showed Up At The Door again. 

During That Time Tho Grandma Started To Get Real Agitated , Constantly Cleaning The house ,Muttering TO herself , Buying Me new Clothes And getting Me A New Haircut. I Truly had no Idea Why  , I honestly Think a 6 Yr old child Does Not think About These things Like that.

Following Saturday Another Knock At The Door. 

X-men Origins Playing On Saturday Morning Cartoons , So i Am not Getting The Door some One else has To Get it. 

Knock At The Door 

I'm Really Not Getting It .. Jubilee And Wolverine Are fighting Sentinels ... Kiss My Ass I'm Not Getting It. 

Door Opens then Shut's , Quiet Conversations But With A Different Voice than I am used Too. yet Even Tho It Is different It Is Somehow Familiar Like the Smell Of baked Cookies On Christmas Morning. 

Grandpa Shouts 


Now I Come Running Almost tripping Over The Extra Two Inches Of Cuff At The bottom Of My Pants. 

Turn The Corner Stop Dead In My Tracks. 

There She Is .... 

There she Sat ....

The Woman I Didn't Know but Knew So Well Never Having Embraced but Have been Embraced by Since birth. 

My Pain , My Sorrow , 

MY Mother !!! 

Bad Dream Scene 

More Cliche Moments

Sap Goo Its All disgusting Thinking about all Of It Now. 

Tears Of Joy For The Devil , Hugs Of Love For A monster. 

But Shes Changed , Shes better Now , She Wants to be A mom , She Can Do It Right This Time . 

Months Of Court Cases Followed by Tears , Visitations , And Case Workers. 

Judge " She Is Ready now " 

Lawyer " But Your Honor " 

Judge " no buts She Is his Mother She Has Right s" 

Grandparents Walk Out of Court Room in Tears. 

Let The Dj Drop The Needle Make It Scratch.

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