Chapter 5

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Please note that this is happening while Fierzza is knocked out and what his thoughts and thinking is right now. Chapter 5 will consist of flashbacks from John and Fierzza's former school, New Bostin.
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I was once again into the darkness.. I remembered John becoming King and everything in New Bostin was under his tyranny rule. I hated him, for everything he did, pretending not to even notice me, fighting me when I tried to talk to him..

He fought everyone who was in his way at New Bostin.. Even his own brother.


And when he found out that Claire was plotting against him, he snapped. I was one of the rebels that was fighting against John during his rule. I was planning to defeat him, maybe even rebuild New Bostin into the good school that it once was.. Maybe..

Just maybe.

I remember me and John going to our new school, New Bostin. John was a cripple and I was a low tier. We were usually getting beaten up by the more.. Stronger kids. Then one day, the Queen of New Bostin, approached John to help him train because she had a vision that John would be the future King.

When John came home one day, he had developed his ability and I couldn't believe it. Claire, Queen of New Bostin, helped my brother.. A cripple turn into a ability user? As the days passed on more however, I noticed that John was somehow not coming home beaten up, but I was.

Then at school, John challenged the King for being King and guess what? My brother.. Cripple turned to King. Known for being a tyrant..

I couldn't believe it..

Until I saw it with my own eyes.

When John became king and started being a tyrant, Claire approached me when I was walking to class one day. She trained me to become the next king. She helped me go above the ranks and I was closing in on being the king, the best ability user in New Bostin.

And when we decided to ambush John, I was almost finished training with Claire. She told everyone we needed more time. But they had already decided it was time.. To dethrone the King.

The day we ambushed John, we all were beaten. Everyone fought good and I almost won against John. He took everyone down real fast except me, Claire, and some others.

I decided to fight him first since we could get this over with.. So no one could be hurt.

I guess I was really wrong about that.

John was different back then.

He was..


But when he came back from the factory, he wasn't using his ability often.

I just hope it will be better then last time.


I recall training with Claire to dethrone my brother.

As I did my training, I wondered how John could have survived all of this.

But I was so close to achieving John's level.

But now Claire's gone.

And I'll stay like this forever.

Fierzza woke up y'all

I opened my eyes and felt pain.

IT HURTS I thought to myself as I got up and walked out of my room.

Huh? My room? Wait what happened?

Then I recalled the events of me and John fighting.

Then I walked into the living room and saw John with a magenta haired girl sitting on the couch.

Oh shit.

It's Seraphina.

The Queen.

Maybe you have power, but you are nothing more than that.

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