I Want Zhe Hug!~ Hearts X Reader

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It was cuteness at first sight~

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I'll die of too much cuteness!!!

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Warning! This will be really short...and it will not exactly make sense -_-;

Y/N= your name
L/N= last name
"That's Hearts right there.", Evel said, pointing to Hearts, who was spread across the rock floor, as his eye bags were completely visible, it appeared he cried to sleep.

"So let me get it straight...this guy is Phi's brother? Unbelievable, they are so different...", Y/N said.

"Yes...it all started many years ago...something I promised to not tell anyone since Hearts trusts me.", Evel said, giving a closed eyed face.

"Poor...guy...h-hey, I can talk to him...right?", Y/N asked.

"Yeah...you can wait until he wakes up if you'd like, he's still sleeping after not being able to sleep last night.", Evel said.

Y/N nodded his head, and before he could reply, Hearts woke up.

"Evel...what time is it?", Hearts mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"5:00 pm sir, someone came to visit by the way.", He said.

Hearts lifted his face to look up, as he looked a bit confusingly.

"Who are you?", he said, pointing to Y/N's direction.

"Oh...he's Y/N...have you heard of him? He's in the Z5 in fact...just like you.", Evel said.

Hearts tilted his head curiously, as he wanted to know more about this "blader."

"Y/N L/N. I've heard about you, you've gone against that *Aiga* dude, right? Yeah, I thought I heard your name from somewhere.", Hearts said, putting a stern, but also cute look on his face.

"I'll leave you two alone~.", Evel said, putting a creepy smirk on his face, and he suddenly walked away from the room.

"I...heard you haven't slept well...am I correct?", Y/N asked.

"Ugh...yeah, but that's not your problem...", Hearts muttered.

Y/N gently extended an arm to gently hug him.

"You can't hide the fact that your are suffering...I can tell when you are suffering.", Y/N whispered gently.

"D-Don't hug me...I'm a man!", Hearts said.

This only amused Y/N more. Y/N grabbed a pillow and threw it across his face.

"Hey what the f*#%! That hurt!", Hearts yelled.

"Oh...my bad...". Y/N said chuckling.

"ITS NOT FUNNY!", Hearts yelled across the room.

"Woah...chill man...my ears...Yep, you need a hug.", Y/N said extending out his arms.


"Oh...well I guess I'm not as manly as you then. I don't punch guys faces or love women.", Y/N said smirking, as he then got up and walked away.

He knew he'd want a hug later.

15 minutes later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Frick...THAT GUY DOESNT GET OFF MY DAMN MIND!", Hearts screamed.

He grabbed the broken pieces of Hades, and stared at them, as tears formed in his eyes...

"I WANT ZHE HUGGGG!!!", Hearts yelled across the room, so loud that the room...kinda shook.

"Did I hear what you just say~?", a voice said.

The lights went off, as he then felt a pair of arms wrapped around him.

"W-Who is this?!?", Hearts asked

"It's me...Y/N~ I thought I heard you wanted a hug.", Y/N said.

"W-Well...yeah, got a problem?", Hearts asked.

"Yes, I have a problem.", Y/N said.

"Oof, what is it, you annoying thing?", Hearts asked.

"Ugh, I'm not annoying -_-#, it's not fair...you don't love me though~.", Y/N cooed.

Hearts blushed intensely, as he felt a pair of lips on his.

"Yayyy, the ship is done, now I can die in peace :D.", Evel exclaimed, as the lights went on.

Evel quickly ran out, as Hearts had a face that almost wanted to explode in embarrassment...

"So...you will go out with me after this...right~?", Y/N asked.

"Y-Yes...", Hearts admitted.

"I'll hug you all day long , it's the only way I can demonstrate my love...for now~", Y/N said.

Hearts cutely pouted, as his face quickly went red when he felt Y/N kiss his cheek.

"You look cute~.", Y/N cooed.

"S-Shut up!", Hearts exclaimed.

So...why haven't I updated at all recently?

Yeah, the end of the year is coming up...I want good grades...and I'm struggling a lot...

I hope you understand me...no hate please :(

FRICK I HATED THIS STORY...I-I did a terrible job T-T...I based this off something btw...


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