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CARL NEVER WANTED to become something greater than himself, but when the opportunity presented itself– he took it like most people would have. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was in college and yet, his future was a mystery. He didn't want to become a doctor, the mere sight of injuries irked him. He couldn't see himself as a lawyer– he wasn't strict. The list went on.

He would call himself relatively successful, even after dropping out of college. He never realized how much music had soothed him, and it wasn't until two years ago when he considered it a career path. Carl even went as far as to search up his own name on Google, where he found promising results. His two albums were plastered as the first thing under his name, and he couldn't be prouder.

He bet his father would be proud as well, if he was still around. Carl's Dad had died around the time he was born, leaving Carl and his mother to live on their own. Carl was glad he could provide for his mother, after all the years she spent sacrificing for him. They had no other family, and surprisingly– the two were alright with that.

After a long day at the recording studio, Carl needed something to smooth his voice over. Where better to go then– Griddy's Doughnuts? He needed coffee, he couldn't survive without it. And Agnes– the owner of Griddy's Doughnuts– was one of Carl's close friends. Especially since he was there every other night. He could have been there every night, but he was just simply too busy.

Heading inside the small diner, there was no one in the diner but a small boy and his 'father'. Agnes caught sight of the man walking through her diner, and she waved him over with a genuine smile. "Hey Agnes. How's it going? Still single?" He asked, a cheeky smile on his face. It had become an inside joke between the two of them, starting from that one night Agnes had commented how lonely she was.

"Now, Carl. If I wasn't single, you'd be the first person I tell." She said, preparing the orders for all three customers. Agnes knee Carl's order by heart and found it unnecessary to ask him, since he never changed it.

"I feel honored." Carl placed his hands over his heart, finding it easy to banter with the older women. They were old friends, their history ran a long time.

As Agnes walked away, Carl twirled in his seat– looking at the kid next to him in curiosity. This wasn't a usual kid hangout place, and if Carl knew anything about teenagers (which he didn't) they definitely wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this, with their father. It was never confirmed if the man sitting next to the kid was his father, but Carl figured it was a good enough guess.

"Can I help you?" The kid asked, it wasn't in a nice tone– more like, condescendingly. Carl's eyebrows furrow, not expecting such harsh words to roll of the boys tongue.

Carl quickly looked over to the 'father' and the man only shrugged his shoulders. "Actually, you can! I was wondering which color combination worked better– blue and red or red and green? Or is red and green to festive? Outside opinions would really help." He said, which was the only thing that came up to mind. It wasn't exactly random, he was having an earlier conversation which his friend Amanda before coming here. Amanda argued that red and green were better while Carl argued the opposite.

The boy seemed annoyed and confused, a scowl building up on his face. He turned his attention back to Agnes who handed him a cup of coffee, black coffee. This kid was acting like Carl was the weird one but really– Carl found him strange. "What's your name, kid?" Carl asked as the boy and the older man exchange conversation, leading to the man handed him a slip of paper and walking off. That man was certainly not the kids father– where was the kid's parents?

"Five." He answered plainly. Carl took a sip of his coffee, a stunned expression placed on his face. Who would name their kid Five? Carl already knew that answer to that– obviously not the older man who walked out. If Amanda were here, she would smack Carl upside the head for the awful joke. So Carl instead, enjoyed the moment in his head. The joke was good.

"Well, my names Carl. So I guess we both got screwed." Carl joked, although he certainly got the hint that the kid– was a little stuck up than most. Agnes had headed over to the back room, leaving the two boys to be. Suddenly the bell rang, the sound echoing through the small building. Men with guns stormed into the diner, holding it against Five's head.

Carl's engines turned, becoming more aware of his surroundings. He couldn't die now, if he did, he would just end up as some washed up musician that no one would remember. He couldn't do that to himself and he certainly couldn't do that to his mother.

Gunfire rang around the diner, Carl immediately jumped for cover. He wondered what Five was doing, he was just a child after all. Carl was also worried for Agnes who had probably heard the guns fire from the back rooms. Suddenly the gunfire stop, leaving Carl to decide whether or not he should blow his cover. And he ended up doing so, just in time to see the boy stroll out of the diner, leaving behind the mess of bodies he had caused.

Carl shouted after him, "Wait! You didn't answer my question!" Five turned around, adjusting his tie as he did so. Five looked like an old man, with the scowl that seemed to be printed onto his face permanently.

"What?" He asked, Carl reminded him of his brother– Klaus, and it annoyed him to no end. He really didn't need a second bothersome to add onto his list.

"Red and green or red and blue?" Carl asked, not minding the current situation he was placed in. If anything, this could give him some inspiration, as messed up as that seemed. Crazy things happen for a reason.

"Red and green." Five answered, frustrated.

Carl clicked his tongue, he wouldn't mention this current situation to Amanda. What she doesn't know, won't hurt her. Carl will go with red and blue. Five left the diner with no further comment, leaving Carl to take a good look at his surrounding. It seemed like the thought had just processed through Carl's mind– a kid did all this. He certainly wasn't any normal kid. Carl left the scene, knowing someone like him shouldn't be seen in a mess like this.


Hey, guys! This is my second Umbrella Academy book so uh wow! How do you guys like it so far? It might be a slowish burn between Carl and Klaus so watch out. I honestly love Carl idk, he's one of my favorite OC's. How did you guys like this chapter? What do you think of Carl?

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