Bad Movie Script

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What The Hell ... !!!! 

Sing It With Me .. Ready .. Here We Go ...

That's Me in The corner ... That's Me In The Spotlight Losing My Religion ... 

Watching A Scene unfold Like A bad Script To An Even Worse Movie. Did My Father Really just Murder that Guy?? Did he Really Shoot That Woman? Is this Really Blood and brain Fragments Clinging To The Life Essences humans Call A Child Ducked Off In The Corner Strapped In That High chair. My God this Is All Real !!!! a 4 Yr Old Murder Witness 

STOP THE LYING .. Oh Please believe I Am Ready For The hordes Of Fake Family That Will rise To The Occasion To Shout Quit Lying not To Mention The thousands Of People In The World Who Will Think I am Lying but everything You Read In This Autobiography Is 100 Percent The Truth As best as I Can Remember. 

So Regardless Of If The Accounts Vary Or Get blurred Grandma And Others Say i Wasnt There court Records And Pics Prove I Was. Who Knows Anymore That Was 30 Years Ago. Does It Even Exist Anymore. Will my Father Ever Get Out Of prison. Sentenced To 25 To Life For A Term Known As manslaughter.  Yo Dad Drastic Much !!!!

( Sounds Of Vhs movie After hitting Rewind Button. ) 

This human male So eloquently Called a Father , Behaving More Like A Dad , More Known As A Stranger Walks in From Working A 60 hr Work Week. So You Know Its The Honey Im home Sets keys down Hears Sounds Kind Of Moment. Walks Down The hallway to find his Exotic Navajo beauty In The Arms Of Another Man and Guess Who Is In The Corner in The high Chair Eating ( Waves With a Stupid Grin ) yup ME !!!! 

I Truly Understand That Any Man Loses It . Speaking From My Own Personal Experience , yes Every Man loses It After finding his Woman , his Love , his Life In The hands Of another Man. So some Rage And Anger Are To be Expected From This Man  But Does Every Man Lose It , Go Grab A Gun , And Shoot up The Place With no thought Or Care as To The Truly Important Decision Facing him Right at That Moment. Pull That Trigger Lose Your Life while Taking A Life ... don't Pull the Trigger Lose Your Love but Keep your Life ... 

But not This Man this Man Does Not Care About Anyone but himself And his Pain. Once Again Speaking Form Experience when I Was Faced With That Situation I Didn't kill Anyone - granted There Was A lot Of blood , scars And Stitches but I DID NOT KILL ANYONE And I Did Not Destroy My Children's Lives. 

So This Man , My Father , Stumbles Down The Hallway Out In to The Warm Desert evening Air And buries The Gun On The Side Of Mountain ... Really bro !!! You Got Time To Bury The Gun ... Wow You Got Them Captain America Priorities. A Man Who Can bury his Gun Without showing Any Concern For his Bloody brain Covered Seed Crying In The Corner - F It Right - Gotta Be his Thought's - Only Problem Is When You Saying That You Also Saying F Your Child .. Oh so Its F Me huh bro ..I Feel ya Telling a 4 Yr Old To F Off . Where I Am From We Call That Weak . A weak Man A Weak human. So Do Your Time And Shut up. You didn't Care Then why you Want To Care now. Don't Let 25 Years Change Your Mind.. He Frustrates Me 

Now Comes The Real Pain And Problems In life .... Yeah Im Not Kidding It Really Does get worse. 

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