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Midterms were fast approaching, yet Narcissa didn't bend at the pressure like some of her classmates did. The sports players usually had the hardest time keeping up with studying because of their practices and games. Bobby was the only one on his swim team who seemed to be able to balance his responsibilities. Stress washed off him as easily as the sharp smelling chlorine water from the school's indoor pool.

Narcissa watched a trail of water trickle down Bobby's chest and ripple over his muscles as if they were rocks in a stream. She tried not to stare at his speedo. They were blue to match the school's colors, and they were tiny.

Someone plopped down next to her. Zoe held a bag of red Twizzlers. "How's your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend."

Zoe stuck a twizzler in her mouth and let it dangle. She spoke around it. "You two have been talking a lot more, though. He even invited you to watch him at practice and asked you out on a date afterward."

Narcissa felt a nervous thrill of energy surge through her. "It's not a date. It's just dinner with him and a couple of teammates."

"Who all have girlfriends," Zoe tacked on. She pointed her twizzler at the line of dutiful girlfriends sitting on the first row of bleachers. "You're a WAG now, just like them."

"What's a WAG?"

Brown eyes rolled. "Wife or girlfriend of a famous sportsperson," Zoe explained as if it were obvious. "Have you learned nothing from our years of friendship?"

Narcissa stole a twizzler with a teasing, "Begging your forgiveness, Sensei."

Below, the divers took their place on their respective boards with feet planted firmly at the ends. When the coach blew his whistle, they crouched into formation. The whistle blew again and they poised to dive.

Narcissa paid no notice to the team's perfect formation. All she could see was that Bobby had a nice ass.

The whistle blew. As usual, Bobby was the first in the water. He and Nick Stuart made it to the other end of the pool before anyone else. They spun underwater and kicked off the wall. Bobby had launched himself with more strength, though, and therefore gained the lead. The two friends finished seconds apart.

"Aren't you going to cheer or something?" asked Zoe. "Your boyfriend just won."

Narcissa wanted to cheer. She wanted to whistle – scream his name, even – but she wasn't his girlfriend. She wasn't a WAG.

"It's just practice," she said instead. "The state championship is next week. February is a big month for the team."

Zoe bit off the end of another twizzler and chewed. "I bet February is going to be a big month for you."

Narcissa felt another nervous thrill zip throughout her body. Zoe had been right about the mirror. Maybe she would be right about February.

At the edge of the pool, Bobby glanced around the bleachers. His eyes fell on Narcissa and Zoe and he smiled. His pearly teeth shone brightly against the blue background.

Something else zipped through Narcissa and settled between her legs. "Blue isn't such a terrible color," she observed aloud. Her eyes never left Bobby's form as he made his way to the locker rooms to shower. "Is it?"

Zoe made a gagging sound. "Ugh," she said. "I was wondering when we were going to have the talk."

They decided to go to Sprout's Eatery, a healthy café with vegan and gluten-free options. Bobby and the rest of the team couldn't eat greasy pizza or burgers while training. The café was located in the next town – a twenty-minute drive away – but Nick offered to take them in his loud Mustang. His girlfriend sat in the front next to him. That left the back seats, an uncomfortable place with little legroom, to Narcissa and Bobby.

"Would you slow down?" asked Bobby. "We're not in any rush."

Nick's eyebrows wiggled suggestively. "This baby is built to go hard and fast, like me."

Beside Narcissa, Bobby shook his head. He had the habit of taking his bottom lip into his mouth before voicing what was on his mind. Narcissa had long ago started thinking of it as his "serious" face.

Lip freed from his mouth, Bobby chastised his friend. "Would you stop making everything an innuendo?"

Nick gave a dramatic sigh. "Yes, Dad."

Dinner was nice. Nick was annoying. How Sam maintained the patience to listen to all of his sexual innuendos was impressive. A girlfriend certainly had a lot to put up with when dating Nick Stuart because after an hour, Narcissa wanted to shove the swimmer's face into his turkey burger.

Bobby was a gentleman all throughout dinner, to Sam and Narcissa, and opened the car door for both of them when they left the cafe. He did shove Nick out of the way in order to climb in behind the driver's seat but that was only because Nick was trying to suggest, rather loudly, that they should stop at a popular make-out area before returning home.

Emboldened by the evening, Narcissa didn't pretend not to hear. It seemed a little bit of Zoe had rubbed off on her over the years. "If you two want to make out, Sam and I will leave you to it. Just don't force us to watch."

That comment earned a hearty laugh from Bobby and Narcissa felt her body heat at the sound.

Nick dropped Narcissa off at home first per Bobby's insistence, even though his house was on the way. Narcissa had a feeling this was entirely for her benefit. Bobby had seemed to grow less fond of Nick as the evening wore on, and was the type to not leave a girl stuck with a jerk for even five minutes. He walked her to her front door, too, and stood awkwardly with his hands shoved in his pockets as she dug out her house key.

"So, that was nice," he said.

Narcissa agreed. "Yeah, it was. We should do it again sometime." Because she was feeling bold, she added, "Maybe just you and me."

"Definitely." Bobby glanced over to the Mustang, saw that Nick and Sam were making out, and looked back at Narcissa. "After February. I have to keep my mind on the competition."

"March, then."

Bobby grinned. He seemed relieved. "March. For sure."

She nodded, felt a tentative smile spread across her face, and unlocked her front door just as Bobby leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"March," he repeated, and then raced to the Mustang.

Narcissa watched them drive off before running to her bedroom. She had to tell someone what happened.

Her reflection was already in the mirror, waiting for her return. 


Preview for next chapter: Narcissa gets everything she wished for; Bobby as a boyfriend and a killer new look. Zoe is none too pleased.

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