Denial Is Not A River In Egypt !

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Ya Know I Only Remember George Once In Tennesse In A time In My Life that I Refer To As the Perfect Life. But That's a Different Time And We Will Get back To That Life In a minute. Right Now We Are talking About Shawnie And How Shawnies Portion Of this Story Changed Things More Than the Accident. How They Directly Relate To Each Other. Curious yet !!!! 

Shawnie ... The Desert bred Fiery Wild Exotic Beauty And My Father The Good Ole boy ... A Very Unique combination. You Would Think that They Had nothing in Common And That It would have been A One Night Stand Maybe A Casual Fling. Nope !!! It Was Serious. 

Now Keep In mind. This Is just My Step Mother. So Where Is My Mother .. ya Know The Real One. Excellent Question. So Let's Pause On Shawnie yet Again but Ever So Briefly.

Shoot All The Way back To The beginning , Yup Mom... Dad... Smiles ... Happiness , Right ??

Shoot Maybe in One Of Them normal White Family homes. Nope Mine Was Heart Ache Right From the Start. Dad Like I Said before Was A Paid Man Enjoying his Life And Once again Mother Was A Seductive Whore. Volatile Combination!!!! You Know Thinking back .. My Father Really Loves Wild Women. But Hey Dont We All ( Sarcasm Noted ) Anyways Mom And Dad Split Dont Know When Or Why but I Lived With My Father While She Went Drugging Around In Denial .

Denial Is not A River in Egypt It Is a Sickness In Which People Cant Accept The Facts The Way They Are. As A Parent you Cannot Afford The Luxury Of Living in Denial It Cause Life Around You To Worsen And Yet your Still in Denial about how They Worsened. Uggh No One Ever Told Me you Had to Mentally Tough As A kid To Live. 

Flashaback Now To the Shawnie Situation 

She Was A Rebound To Pick Up The Pieces Of What My Mother Did ...  My Mother Truly Is Mentally Unfit And Psychologically Disturbed. So Shawniee Is The Better choice If you Put The Two Side by Side but None The Less Shawnie Was A rebound. What's More Crazy Is That She Was Actually Getting The job done better Than my Real Mom.  According To Everyone on All Sides. She took Amazing Care Of Me - minus Trying To beat A Train - So One Could say That This Is Supposed To be It. That Normal Perfectly Un-perfect Life. Right ??? Ok Cool After 4 Years Of Life I Can Finally be A normal Family.

Damn Reality Suck's


Suddenly Flashes Of Hot White Light Searing The Cornea Blinding The mind. More Flashes Of An Innocent Child Stuck hovering whimpering In the Corner. A 4 yr old baby boy Surrounded By Significantly Life Altering Events On A Scale Over Shadowing even A Train Wrecking A Car.


A Pause Of Sickening Silence that Rides Its Way Into The mind like A Surfer Riding A Board Made Of Human bones Screaming Yolo As The Blood Red Water Splashes Him Vividly In The Face . 


A Crescendo Of Of Gunshot's Echoing Ringing Screaming Out As If To Say notice MeIi Am The Bringer Of Death 

The Maniacal Laugh Of A 357 Proclaiming The Capture Of Another soul In life. 

Dam Reality Suck's

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