The Granger's house was sweet, and it felt like a family actually lived in the premises. I was so used to Clarisse's obsessing cleaning and OCD that it was a nice change to be somewhere that did not have everything in it's exact place and looked as if it came out of a home magazine.

"You'll be sharing my room." Hermione smiled and grabbed a couple of my bags. "Follow me!" She trudged up the wooden stair case and picked the first door on the right. "Excuse the books, I have been meaning to tidy up, but..." She let her voice carry off as if the mess could explain itself.

I chuckled lightly. "I don't mind, I'm fond of books so they are welcome!" I stepped up to the bare bed and placed my things around it, not sure what to do now.

Hermione scoffed and face-palmed herself. "Gosh, I forgot." Then she pulled out her wand and muttered. "Accio Oak Dresser." I heard a faint clunking from somewhere downstairs. She smiled at me. "We have a spare dresser for you to put your things in, so you don't have to worry about sharing one with me."

A few moments later a dresser came flying through the door and nestled itself between her dresser and my bed. "There! That should be perfect." Hermione smiled and walked to the door. "I'll leave you to go through your things. You might want to be alone for that." She smiled lightly at me. She and I both understood the drastic change that had just taken place in our lives. 

I thanked her and started to put away all my clothes by hand. It took me 15 minutes just to sort through the clothes and I was starting to get annoyed. Sighing, I opened all of my bags and pulled my wand out of my boot. "Mundatis." I said, circling my wand over my multiple bags. Slowly, the clothes lifted midair and put themselves in their new places.

Almost everything was put away when Hermione walked in to inform me that dinner was ready. "Woah!" She looked at everything putting itself away. "How are you doing that? You don't even seem to be concentrating." 

I grabbed my journal that was whizzing past Hermione's nose and gave it to her. "That's my spell book. I like to experiment around in Latin and see if anything will stick. The ones in red were disastrous and the ones in green worked." Hermione flipped through the multiple pages before finally looking up at me with pleading eyes. "May I please read these?" 

Chuckling, I started to walk down stairs to dinner. "Of course you can, sis." I had to admit, it was hard for my tongue to form the word sister, but once I got it out there-if felt kind of nice. Hermione grinned warmly at me and we skipped to the dinning room. "Maybe you can help me with some new spells later?" I suggested and she nodded feverishly.

"Of course!" We continued to chatter happily as we joined...our...parents at the table. They took a good look at us and smiled.

"I'm glad to see you to are getting along so nicely." Jane smiled and served everyone some Shepherd's Pie. Dan nodded in agreement with a happy grin on his face.

"It was pretty easy." I nudged Hermione. "I mean, we are twins, so I think that helped the process." I sniggered.

Grangers were a really nice family and I could not help but compare them to my old one. Here, everyone got along and talked. I could tell that they were a tightly nit family and could probably with stand a lot. Compared to my old family's dinner time which pretty much consisted of us all eating separately in our own rooms. Usually I ate with Trey when I was home, but the school boarded us for nine months out of twelve.

We all got to know each other and I caught many similarities between Hermione and I. Like, we both loved to read, we both were quick learners, we even slouched the same way and tossed our hair to the side the same way. It was kind of weird. All of those moments when I had wished that I could see the way others saw me were fulfilled.