Does Death Come That Small ?

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Screech ... Boom ... Train Whistle's ... More Screeching ... Glass Flying And Scattering Thru The Air Like Some Kind Of Slow Motion Movie.. Think Tokyo Drift Meet's Unstoppable. 

The Car Never Even Had A chance To beat The Train. My Step Mother Was Stupid For Even Trying. I Don't Remember Much Other Than Pain And Tear's .Both Of Which Seems To be A Constant in My Life But then Again You Could call Me Emotional. I Do Know that The Dr. Said If The glass Was 1/4 Mm To Either Direction That I Would Have Died. 

WTF Are You Kidding Me... what Is 1/4 Mm Is That Even A Real Size ? Does Death Even Come That Small ? I Mean I Would Learn Later That It Comes As Big As Worldbreaker Hulk But 1/4 Mm That's like Antman On A Diet In The Quantum Realm Small. Needless To Say I Would Recover Very Well. Took A lot Of Time , Some Crazy Pictures From That Time Period ( Wonder Where They Are In Life , Who Has Them ) But Now Mostly Just Memories, Scar's , And The Occasional Phantom Pain ( Uber Creepy Trust Me ). 

What's More Funny ( Not Saying That 3 yr Old Getting hit by A Train Is Funny but At Least Ironic ) Is That This Same Dumb Woman ( Would Suffer For Her Stupidity And Change The Course Of My life Forever. Can You Hear It ??? It's More Sap And Goo Creeping Up In The Background's Cue The Fancy Dramatic Music And Dim The Light's It Seems As If This Is About To Get hectic. 

Because We Are Not Talking About The Stupidity Of Trying To Beat A Train... NO !!! That's Just Foolish. Really More On A Deeper Life Level. 

This One Woman Would Alter The Course Of My Life More Than My Own Mother ( And That is Hard To Do ). You Want More Craziness ... I Dont Even Remember her Other Than What I Am about To Tell You. 

Shawnie Was Her Name. Just Another Woman In My Father's Long List Of Lustful Lover's She Was American Indian , Navajo To Be Exact. She Had no Kid's With My Father In Fact I dont Think My Father Had Anything More To do With Her Other Than Using Her For Sex And A baby Sitter.

Of Course being A Navajo She Was Real Pretty .. Exotic beauty Is What They Call It. Raised On The Fiery Desert Sands Of Arizona, It Would Seem My father had A thing For Her Dark Skin , Dark Eyes , Dark Hair , ( God how I Would End Up Like him In That Aspect ) but You Gotta Think My Father Was Born In Lafayette , Indiana. Raised On A Farm Like As If It Were Charlottes Web 

Yup !!! A Corn Fed White Boy. In Fact If I Remember The Most Appropriate Way That Was used To Describe My Father Was This ... A Good Ole boy Racing his Red Mustang Thru The Windy Curvy Back Roads Of State Road 38 Who Enlisted Into The Military To become the Marines' Marine. So Naturally him Coming Out Of The military All Fresh and Brand New With A brand New Attitude Landing himself A huge Paying Job Working As A Railroad Conductor. In Short he Had A Traveled Life With Money And Was now Enjoying It. So These Exotic Indian Beauties Were Just His Thing. Trust Me ... Before Shawnie He Had Another. Can't Remember her Name But she gave birth To 3 Children. So He Has Children From a Previous Marriage. There names Are Carrie , Michael , And George. Carrie The Girl Is The Oldest , Michael The middle And George Who Is now Deceased but Was Named After my Grandfather Was the baby. 

George Died In A Car Wreck Shortly After I Was born. A Late, Dark night Out Enjoying Life With his Friends. Driving Down A Rd That Is notoriously Known For being A Very Bad Stretch. Get's Smacked From  Behind by A Drunk Driver ( Who Didnt Even Suffer Injuries ) Leaving George And The Other 2 boy's Either Dead Or Dying .. I Can't Really Remember .. Im Trying To Drag Up memories From Over 30 years Ago Based On Details Others Have Told Me. So Yeah Either Internal Injuries or Instantly Either Way They Died. You Know I Am not Sure If They ever Even Solved The Crime Or If It Just Ended Up As A Hit And Run. What I Do Know Is That The Effect Of That Took It's Toll On The Entire Family. Shoot Man All My life Has been Nothing But Death But For Some Reason Death Wont Find Me. It's Like Im Wearing The Devil's Cloak Of Invisibility. Anyways Several Key And influential Peoples Lives Were Changed That Night Some Of Whom had The Ability To Change Life For Me On A grander Scale. So yeah !!! More Significant Than just The Death Of A Loved One ... 

It Was The Death Of What Little Peace My Father Would Have And What's So Funny Is That I Firmly believe that Had That accident never Happened My Life Wouldn't Have Ended up The Way It did but We Will Get back to That In a Couple Chapter's.

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