The early bird

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Long ago, in a wasteland of a distant world...

As the rain poured hard, a red-haired woman sobbed over her dying lover. The man had a large wound in the right side of his abdomen. The blood seeping over his once white feathered wings.

"You can't go, please, you promised we'd be together until the very end," she pleaded.

"I know," the winged man replied, and he placed his bloody hand on her cheek," but... it seems like it's the end for me. I'll... I'll see you on the other side, Nova."

His hand slowly dropped to the ground as the woman named Nova yelled," no you can't go! Asmund, Asmund!"

Approximately three hundred years later...

"Are you sure you have everything you need," said a woman to a black-haired teen," your father and I don't want you to forget anything and then call us later."

"I'm not that dumb mom, I passed my previous classes with honors," the teen replied, he scratched his chin while looking at the ground," so, what is this program do again?"

"You signed up for a military engagement program Ontario," the woman face palmed," did you even look at the information about this? Well, guess you will find out soon enough."

"I just have one last question, what are the other students like? The bus is about to arrive in a few minutes so can you make it quick?"

"Well, think of the other students and staff as that one manga you read a lot. And I mean that naughty one I caught you with so just be safe and provoke anyone; and I'm sorry if your father couldn't make it to see you off."

They heard a diesel engine come as the woman hugged Ontario. "Good luck, and I love you," she said," And one more thing, I said don't provoke anyone there, but absolutely do not disrespect anyone by the name of "Moonstone". Their family line is the upmost authority there, stay safe."

"Thanks for that heads-up mom," Ontario replied slightly nervously as he grabbed his luggage and walked out the door," I'll send letters and I promise come home for the holidays!"

As Ontario left the house, the woman muttered," don't die out there please. And I hope you remember to take off your necklace when you need to."

Ontario looked on over to the bus that was closing in, it seemed rather, normal. It wasn't yellow by any means, it looks like a longer version of those travel buses. "So I'm dealing with a monster school then?" He said to himself.

The bus made a sudden stop right in front of Ontario. The driver had scruffy yellow hair and blue overalls, as well as a beard that was only shaven a few days ago. As he got on the bus, the driver turned and asked," are ya Ontario Erie?"

"Umm yes," Ontario replied," and may I ask how you know?"

"Yur the last one to check off mah list," the driver replied," now put yer stuff on the back and sit down. This is going to be a long trip for ya to hold onto that."

As Ontario awkwardly looked around as he passed by the aisles while dragging his bags, he then dumped them onto the pile with the rest.

"Good thing I placed my name on them," he muttered as he barely managed to find an empty seat in the middle of the bus.

So, these students are also monsters like me, he thought, I wonder kind they are. But, am I really a monster myself, now that I think about it. I've always thought to be human until recently, when my parents told about this world, now I have my doubts.

As they travelled away from the town, Ontario wondered why the bus kept going into the middle of nowhere, well if the middle of nowhere happened to be some plains location. He knows there isn't any important locations in the route the bus was going.

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