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We really are here to the end!!!!! It's not really the 'end' and because this was my first fic I'm gonna always post some surprise chapters ;) like on valentines day, and an epilogue will definitely be up! But please make sure to read everything in this chapter to fully understand what happens. 

Songs for the chapter 

Shallow- Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper 

Let Me- Zayn 

6 months later 


I can't even look back at my life a year ago and think about how I acted helped me. Right now as I stand watching Harry preform Madison Square Garden I feel my heart palpitate at the rhythm of the music he sings. He's the last person I would've thought I'd ever love, but nothing is as we see it. 

I thought when I was going to America to see my mother's family it would help me, and they would love me, it wasn't that at all. They weren't rude, but it was too late for me to be with them and be part of what they have. I decided I wasn't going to look back at them, it was time for me to start a new life away from them, just with what was to come. I've looked back at the past one too many times, and I'm sick of it. 

My mother and I speak more than I thought we would ever, and our relationship seems to only get better, but maybe not as close, if that makes sense. My father and I haven't spoken in about eight months now, and it's a huge negative rush gone from my life. The only good part about ever having a dad like him was having met Johnny and harry through him. All things happen for a reason I suppose. 

"Thank you!" Harry shouts as he finishes his opener to the tour, Harry Styles. "This past year hasn't been anything close to what I have had planned, it was unexpected in all the right ways. You know that feeling of a good unexpected force?" He rhetorically asks with the dimpled smile of his. 

The crowd nods and laughs with him before he adds a few more words. "I love that feeling, and I only get it from one person it seems. I want that feeling forever. So, Iris Weston, will you do me the favor in marrying me?" 

My heart drops at his words, I can't hear myself think at all the screams happening in that arena. I do want Harry in every way possible, and if it takes signing a paper and putting a ring on my finger so be it. I can't imagine myself being loved in the way Harry loves me by someone else, it isn't possible, it wouldn't satisfy me. I want him. 

"Yes!" I shout running to hug him. 

"I love you," he whispers into my neck. 

"I couldn't love anyone more," my words press up against his lips. 

Harry's lips wrap around mine, and I feel the warmth of him just by feeling his lips on mine. My fingers tangle into his hazelnut curls, slowly detaching our lips from one another our foreheads touch. 

"You should probably finish this show," we laugh at the same time. 

How did I get so lucky? I had the thought that there was no such thing as being happy and that it was only in books, but people have to feel that love to write about it so passionately. Who's to say that broken hearts can't be loved? That wounds can't be healed? 

I'm not proud that I had to find happiness in another person, but I did, at times it felt impossible to find it in myself. I started off with an assumed opinion on Harry and now I'm marrying him. Life is really shocking,  I have no clue where it's gonna take me.


After the show was over and I was able to express myself so thoroughly with my music, and with Iris, I felt like a new person. It's a big step asking someone to marry them, but I don't have regrets. We didn't have love at first sight, but as our relationship developed I couldn't see myself with someone else if I'm being honest here. 

I was scared to ask, but I just don't want to be with someone else, and the thought of her being with someone else kills me. It's just not right. 

"You really proposed to me in Madison Square Garden on the first show of your tour?" Iris tells me running her hands through my curls. 

"You really said yes," I give a smirk back. 

"I love you," the words sync out of our mouths. 

Once our eyes signal words that only we can understand, her lips softly make contact with mine. I feel her hands run up my spine and into my curls, the heat of her lips spreads through my body. I never want to forget this feeling and now I've made sure I never will.

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