I, Introvert

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A quick Google search tells me the definition of Introvert:

A shy, reticent person

Immediately, I am labelled as someone who

Does not reveal one's thoughts or feelings openly

Already, we have encountered misconceptions. I'm all too eager to share my thoughts and feelings, I'm doing it right now, here, in this book. As an introvert, I just express them differently than we have come to expect in this extrovert-driven society of ours.

I prefer to write my feelings, my thoughts, than speak them. I prefer to share them with those who ask me, those with a genuine interest, than shouting them out for the whole world to hear regardless of whether they want to listen or not.

So what is an introvert?

I should know, I am one.

Here are some personality traits common to introverts:

You like spending time by yourself

You don't seek out social engagements often, prefering the company of a few people rather than many

You enjoy spending time thinking and are comfortable with your thoughts

You aren't bored by quiet, solitary activities

You don't enjoy being the centre of attention

You find loud, busy environments draining

Being an introvert isn't limited to those traits, nor do we need to feel every one of them, but they describe a general but fairly accurate portrayal of introversion.

Why do I need to say all this? Why write this book at all?

Because introverts aren't often heard, usually getting spoken over by louder, more extroverted people. Because our society is largely extrovert-orientated, giving subtle (and not so subtle) suggestions that introversion is boring (or even a sign of depression, which we'll get to in another chapter), extroversion is cool, and leads to many misconceptions that introverts are lacking confidence, weak, or even wrongly diagnosed as autistic.

This book sets out to reveal the true thoughts and feelings of an introvert battling through life here on earth, and hopefully, in so doing, might help others sharing this planet, both introvert and extrovert.

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