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Hello gays!

Happy Womens Day my dear gay feminstis!

Um yeh

So i just saw the X-men: Dark Phoenix trailer and as I who isnt fan of Sci-fi movies, I am actually hyped cuz SOPHIE TURNER ACTS IN and now I wanna see it-

Also, yday I was watching the tHIRD trailer of last season from GoT, and now im thinking to make Texting AU, like Hamilton fic so idk yet.

It would mean a lot if u would read it???? Ok???

A n y w a y

My one of best friends, that-scary-aunt-but-we-love-her-anyaway™ aka lilytagici

She requested few days ago for smol smootshot abt KGIII and John Laurens

I dont ship it.

But as a good friend i am, I will do it.

Also warning: rape, suicide, racism(?)

So uhh enjoy???

If u dont want to read it, please dont

Go do something else, it is beutifull day/night so uhh yeah

Enjoy for those who want to stay


John was in tight ropes behind him, squirming to try away.

This is what had happend after his father and Commander sent him to England, to kill the Redcoats, or at least negotiate the piece.

Well, Redcoats had attacked his ship, killed his crew, almost killed him but then thought for a second; maybe they should keep him for a king.

And now, here he is.

Tied, among the slave lines.

He was disgusted by this, he had a real critique about slavery.

It just wasn't right.

"You okay sir??" The little girl, African, somewhere about 6 years old asked.

John forced small smile.

"Im fine, Daya." He smiles.

He has been in slave boat for few weeks now.

Hadn't eaten.

Hadn't slept.

He was getting thinner and thinner.

Luckily, he made few friends from slaves.

He sighed slowly and yelped as he felt sting from Redcoats belts.


John sighed and kept on moving a bit faster now.

He stopped only to see King's big castle, fear shouldering him off.

With a deep sigh, he moved on.

Knew he will never see his baby daughter (even if it isnt his), wife, Alexander, Eliza, nor his friends, his father, his siblings.

He will never see freedom and the end of a war.

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