Jack and I

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Light streaming playfully through my curtains stings my eyes and I awake from a deep sleep. I stretch the exhaustion from my limbs as I walk over to my window. The snow that covers the earth like a crystalline blanket nearly blinds me with its icy glare. I love snow more than life itself and it calls to me through my frosted window panes.

"Finally," I whisper, "He is here."

The snow beckons me endearingly like a lost love. Loyally, I go out to it. I open my door and shiver. I am dressed in my pajamas and the icy wind finds numerous footholds on my bare arms and legs. I shiver as winter entwines its icy fingers in my own. The wind converges with my hot breath to form a fine vapor. The snow begins to dance and I smile at its playfulness. The snowflakes increase in size and number and the dance goes from delicate to furious. They seem to revel in their own uniqueness and radiance.

The gentle twinkle of the freshly fallen snow urges me onward and I step deeper into the winter storm. As my bare feet crackle and crunch in the blanket of snow I feel the once penetrating cold ebb away until I am left with only a vague impression of a chill. As I approach the top of a desolate hill I see a shimmery vortex of snow and ice. I know this sight well and I am immediately drawn to it. With an air of humility, I bow my head and step into the center of the swirling snow. I am surrounded only by white and cold for a mere moment when it all suddenly fades to numbness.

I awake to false heat and bright light. In front of me stands a smile I know and love. I smile back at Jack and his dark eyes twinkle like the snowflakes. He reaches out to me and touches my bare shoulder. I shudder violently and lean into his touch. His skin goes beyond the coldness of ice. He entwines his icy fingers in mine and once again I go numb to all cold. He begins to spin me, at first gently and then with wild intensity. Just as I begin to believe I can spin no longer he leans forward and breathes icy words into my ear.

"Come with me?"

His words reverberate in the air for a minute and hold there. I pull together all of my strength and manage to whisper a breathless "Yes."

As my hot breath touches his ear he melts, and my world also melts into obscurity.

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