Staying Sane

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"She said she don't want to see me but then she kissed me. On top of that, it wasn't just a normal kiss!! It's a cursed kiss!"

Kara jump from her seat as she retold Winn what had happened yesterday. The poor valet could only roll his eyes.

It was amusing to see his master making cute and confused faces each time she retold this story to him... But really... It gets boring quickly when she has retold him this same story over and over again for more than a hundred time.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, "We been through this so many time, Kara. There is no such thing as a cursed kiss. If magic doesn't exist in this world, its the same for the curse. You have nothing to worry about.", said the valet.

The head of the house clicked her tongue with her index finger moving left and right, left and right. Clearly disagreeing with Winn.

"No! You're just saying that because you are clueless of how her kiss had affected my sanity. Ever since she kissed me there is a burning sensation on my lips and whenever I think about it... my face turns extremely red! It's like... She is stuck in my mind. What kind of curse is this, Winn??? Is there a cure???"

Winn can't help but sigh. Honestly, this wasn't in his job description. His salary isn't enough to be her personal therapist, matchmaker and valet at the same time. At these times, Winn is really reconsidering about becoming a farmer. The valet watch as Kara's eyebrows furrowed. Her thumb is below her chin and her index finger is curled on top of her chin. An arm wrapped around her chest.

It is truly astonishing to be able to see his master in this condition and to think this is merely because of a kiss.

For all the years he had worked for Kara, he never seen his master this confused. Even when the blonde was called to the palace by the king, she was confident. Always knew what to do, what to say and what to expect.

Now she is very confused. All thanks to her wife.

Is Lena Luthor really that powerful? To hold this much influence on his master...

"Why don't you discuss with her about her debutante ball instead of worrying about the kiss, Kara?", said the valet, trying to change the topic.

"Oh yeah... The debut ball. I still can't believe the Luthor didn't arrange Lena's debut to the society until now! I mean I know they are broke but please, for haven's sake... Don't they know how important a deb is?"

Kara sigh.

When a young woman of aristocratic or upper-class family background who has reached maturity and, as a new adult, comes out into society at a formal "debut" or possibly debutante ball.

You don't necessarily have to host a ball. You can just pay a certain fee to someone who is hosting a debutante ball to be able to debut in that said ball. Unfortunately for Lena, her parents never arranged for her to have her debut.

Thanks to the fact that she is married to The Phantom, it is an absolute priority to have her debut soon so she can start to attend formal occasions.

"Well, at least, we can also use this ball as Lena's debut as your wife! Talk about killing two bird in one stone.", cheer Winn.

His eyes sparkle at the thought of hosting a grand luxury ball at the Danvers' mansion. They will be seeing thousands of people attending the party... Which can be considered once in a blue moon event since Kara doesn't really like hanging out with the upper-class people.

My, my... Just the thought of it already makes Kara cringe in horror.

"You mean killing three birds in one stone? Because apparently, I think I will also be killed in this ball. Remember, Winn... This is also The Phantom first public appearance. Double the security on the ball night."

The valet nod in understanding as he jots down her command on his notebook. With gold and glory comes enemies, it better to be prepared before anything unwanted happen.

"Anything else, Kara?"

"Hmmm... Send a letter to Clark, request him to be Lena's escort."

Winn's eyes immediately widen.

"You want the king to be Lena's escort?!", he gasped.

"Why not? With Clark as her escort, it is an ultimate proof that he gives Lena his blessing. Lena will get the respect she needed regardless of her background. Besides,  he still owes me for losing that chess game last week. He has no choice but to do it."

Shrugged Kara as if it is not a big deal.

Perhaps that is because Kara and Clarke are very close friends. Of course, being her best friend, the king is well aware of her true identity. He fully supported Kara.

Even as a friend of the king, earning respect from other nobles will be hard. All because she is a woman. It will take years for her to earn that respects! But as 'The Phantom', she can do that faster and better.

Shaking his head, Winn jots down the order in capital letters.


Then, he circles it multiple times to highlight how important the order is.

"We also need Lucy Lane's service for my wife's debut gown."

"On it, Kara."

Kara smiled as she stretched her arms. Her shoulder feels a little lighter now.

"I guess that's all.", the blonde cheer.

"A-hem! You're forgetting something."

"Uhuh? And what is it that I'm forgetting?"

"You can't host Lena's debut ball without telling Lena about it."

Oh... Shoot.

Since the kiss, Kara has been avoiding Lena as best as she can. The blonde doesn't think meeting her so soon is a good idea... For her heart, at least.

Wait! Kara Danvers is the head of the house. She doesn't need to tell Lena about the ball herself. She has Winn for that job. Kara quietly turns around to look at her valet.

"Can you-", her mouth is wide open when she find her valet is not standing behind her anymore.


No answer.

There is also no sign of the valet around.

Kara gulps her own saliva.

I guess she has to tell Lena about the ball by herself.

Hahaha... RIP Kara Danvers.

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