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Requested by MarshmallowSuoh

UwU such beauty and perfection, I hope he gets a new beyblade or at least is able to live over the fact Fafnir was destroyed.

T^T poor marshmallow deer.

We need to mend his broken heart with some love.

Warning: F-Bomb warning and flashbacks...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
Y/N= your name
B/N= beyblade name
B/T= beyblade type
B/M= beyblade move
Free had never been the same...

Since he was abused and abandoned at a very young age.

He had been found in the forest, vulnerable and defenseless by Jenbei Kuroda, the owner of BC Sol.

He was taking a break in the woods with her little granddaughter, Kristina Kuroda.

He heard noises a couple of hours later, while cleaning his old, ancient stadium, but decided to ignore them, thinking it was just the deer giving birth since it was pregnant already.

But...he heard noises...like...a crying toddler...

Little Krissy ran into her favorite place, the arena, she loved admiring it after all.

Then...there was a tiny scream...

"grandpapa, ahh what's that!!!", she yelled, scared of the moving being...let's say she's never been near a baby or anyone else...her parents didn't like her interacting with other people, besides them being absent most of her life.

Jinbei ran to the spot her granddaughter was in, as his eyes widened.

A crying toddler.

It was horribly bruised, marks and scratches marked on his delicate, fair skin.

He looked like a defenseless angel.

Jinbei picked him up, tears filled his eyes, as he hadn't felt more happier in his life.

For finding the child he always wanted to have.

His wife died before giving birth, he was originally going to give the team away to the child...but he then made up his mind on giving it next to little krissy...she was still too little and he knew she would still need the support of a friend...

Of someone close to her, to help her raise the team.

4 years later:
"I'll beat you this time!", Chris called out, ready for her upcoming battle with her almost brother, Free De La Hoya.

If you wonder where he got his last name from...LONG STORY.

"Hehe!", Free said, then bursting Kerbeus,

"Huh!", Chris said in defeat.

But they were still pretty happy and excited.

3 years later;

Y/N, a new blader came.

"Free...I have an idea to make you number one blader!"

"Is this a joke?"

"No, I have a book filled with strategies you can use, and I thought since every blader is different...you can create your own!"


"Easy, is there such thing as hand-spinning? Fafnir is a Stamina type, it makes a good match actually for a hand-spinner!"

"Huh...hey that sounds cool..."

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