Meet the girls

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Mark Williams P.OV
I work at Pizza Hut. I know not very glamorous, but I love it. I love pizza and people. So it's the perfect job for me.

One Monday evening 7 girls came into the shop and ordered 7 large pizzas.

One of them, about 16 kept glaring at me as if daring me to do something. She had spiky black hair, punk style clothes and sky blue eyes. I heard one of the girls call her Thalia.

I took their orders to the kitchen but kept an eye on them.

By the time there pizza was ready I learnt that their names where Annabeth, Thalia, Hazel, Piper, Rachel, Calypso and Reyna, they where here for a girls night out. No boys allowed.

I got their food ready and was about to take it over then.


The wall burst open, plaster flying everywhere.

I found the culprit immediately two extremely large black dogs.

Hellhounds I thought.

I froze in fear.

Everyone was screaming. All except the girls in the corner, they immediately drew weapons out of nowhere and began attacking the monsters. Five minutes later nothing was left of the dogs except some yellow dust.

"Who the hell are you?" someone yelled.

I was thinking the same thing.

A blond girl stepped forwards

"Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena

(A/N imagine they all introduce them selves I'm just lazy)

We all stood there in shock. The demigods walked out of the destroyed wall laughing. I never saw them again. They didn't even take their pizzas


Word count ~ 271

dited ~ 19/9/19

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