Control me~ Shu X Reader

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I love him and it's not even funny.

But his soul will soon belong to Y/N.


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Y/N= your name
L/N= last name

Y/N L/N, one of the most strongest bladers around...was now gonna battle against Red Eye.

But this wasn't gonna any sort of ordinary battle.

He knew who Red Eye truly was.

He was Shu Kurenai, his only friend, his rival, but also...

His crush.

Y/N knew this moment would come back, he knew all along Shu hadn't disappeared...or died.

He was alive, and stronger than he had ever been.

His current bey, Legend Spryzen was indeed a legend.

He knew Shu was good...but he became super overpowered, so much that it made some worried...he was making a connection with that made him be possessed by him.

To matters worse, his overconfidence led him to the edge...

A battle...Nightmare Luinor Vs Legend Spryzen made Shu realize..

He wasn't strong enough.

The cracked mask flew onto the ground, making a noise.

Spryzen's three layers landed simultaneously on the stadium, as he picked them up, struggling with the fact he had lost.

He walked away, avoiding immediate contact with Valt and Boa.

He ran into a red, shiny lake, as the world came crashing to him.

He fell on his knees, anger and possession filled his dark, crimson orbs.

"Spryzen...", he said, then abandoning his back present beyblade.

He walked back to the Snake Pit, Ashtem waiting peacefully for him.

" ready Red Eye?"

Shu nodded, leading to a room...he went through so much torcher and get to where he wanted.

Or more like where Ashtem wanted him.

The masked man's deep desires were extremely downgraded.

Using bladers for his own benefit, torchering a few with their weaknesses.

Shu was being used, he was too blinded to notice it.

But now back to the battle, Y/N and Shu were now in an upcoming battle.

Y/N showed no fear...not knowing what was going to happen seconds later...

"B/N! B/M!!!!"

"Spryzen, Destroy it! Counter Break!!!"

Spryzen inflicted a major harm onto the beyblade...





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