Chäpter Eleven

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Evangeline's P.O.V

I struggled to control my facial features while Cayden just continued to stare into my eyes with raised brows.

I opened my mouth and then closed it like a fish, my words escaping me. Why was it so hard to answer such a simple question?

"Is that a yes?" he asked with a small smirk, his gaze never wavering from my face.

I blushed furiously and turned my head away to look anywhere but his eyes, which momentarily rested on this random woman's shoes.

"Eva?" he whispered a little quieter, his head lowering slightly.
My own - head that is- whipped around at the sound of the nickname. No one called me Eva. No one but Della...

My eyes met his and I think the shock was evident on my face, but he showed no regret or remorse on his.
Instead, he held out his hand.

Shaking my head in exapseration, I slid my hand into his, shivering as fire seemed to erupt in all of  the places that our hands touched. His eyes flicked up when I jumped and they continued to watch me as I marveled at all of the tendrils of electricity that coursed from my fingertips and up my arm, the main shock of them stopping on my neck and dissolving around my shoulder blade in a circular motion.

I swallowed and rolled my shoulders back, trying to rid myself of the left over energy and let him pull me onto the dance floor with his smug smirk.

With one hand holding mine, the other raised in the air, I watched as his wrist did a circular motion twice, signaling something from the orchestra without taking his eyes off of mine.

The music instantly ceased before kick starting on something much slower and smooth, the melody so melodic and soothing, like an herbal cream on a rash.

As soon as the violin began its beautiful symphony, his hand lowered politely on my back, and his other hand intertwined our fingers.

He gave me a small nod with a warning look in his eyes before he slowly pulled our bodies flush. I almost gasped as the fire erupted again, but this time much stronger all over. First in my stomach and breasts, wherever we aligned and touched. Electricity raced from all over my body and swirled as it met in my chest, the force from it nearly taking my breath. My knees weakened, and Cayden eyes flashed towards mine in a sudden knowing smile. His arm around my back tightened, not allowing me to fall, and his eyes looked all too knowing. I was breathing heavy and refusing to meet his gaze as the feeling evokes a sense of pleasure and desperation within me.

The fire didn't stop; it just continued swirling through my chest and exiting into what I guessed was Caydens. Like we were a circuit and the electricity was using us as their pathways.

I barely managed to catch my breath, and I gripped onto Caydens shoulder, unitentionally digging my fingers into his flesh. He didn't seem to mind though, he only continued to watch me carefully.

When I had somehow gained my breath, I forced the shots of pleasure to the back of my mind and released my death grip on Cayden shoulder.
Why did I feel this? This was more than just an attraction... This was something else, something addicting.

Cayden bent and looked at me with concern before I nodded reassuringly. I opened my mouth to ask him what was wrong with me, but he stood straight and looked over at the orchestra with a nod of his own.

Finally the piano struck up and Cayden pulled us into the dance with slow movements, movements that were beyond fluid and smooth, his feet gliding across the floor with his hand still pressed firmly but comfortably on my back, leading me through the most exilherating dance of my life. He pushed me away from his body just as the music increased and spun me around and around, before twisting my body back to his side, his grip resting on my waist and the other on my hand gripping mine.

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