Accepting help

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It was early in the morning and there was a cold chill in the air. Opal shivered softly, opening her eyes slowly as she huffed to herself to try and keep warm, feeling her warm breath on her arms.

"Why does it have to be so cold?"

Opals teeth began to chatter as the cold wind began to pick up. Hearing a rustle of leaves and a soft thumping, she lifts up her head to see Grimlock walking over slowly. Opal frowned, shooing him away by waving her hands at him.

"Bug off you overgrown toaster."

Grimlock snorted, shaking his head as he walked over to Opal and curled himself around her knowing she was cold. Opal on the other had didn't like this idea, standing up she glares at him.

"I said go away!"

Walking up to him she kicks his side, which only made a quiet 'clang' earning a grunt from him. Opal folded her arms grumbling.

"You're a stubborn one..."

Huffing, Opal lays down on her back. Already feeling warmer, sighing softly she looks at the sunrise. Sitting up in surprise when she hears a high pitch squeal, she looks around to spot Emma and Strafe looking at them. Emma sporting a wide smile and her tail wagging excitedly.

"It's about time you accepted help from someone!"

Opal frowned deeply, glaring at Emma.

"Be quiet Emma. I didn't accept his help, he just came over!"

Opal protested, only for Emma to giggle folding her arms in front of her innocently.

"Keep telling yourself that Opal, but it won't change what I am seeing right in front of me. Right Strafe?"

Emma looked up at Strafe who squawked in response which earned a growl from Grimlock as he glared at Strafe which only made Emma giggle again.

"We'll leave you two love birds to it."

Winking, Emma turns with a grin on her face and walks away, Strafe on her tail. Op frowned storming after Emma and chased her.

"Come back here Emma! I'll get you!"

For the next few hours, they chased each other all over the place while the Dinobots watched on in amusement.

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