Chapter 20

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I felt something shake when I realized that it was just me. Opening an eye, I saw the bottom half of a man's black dress pants standing beside the bed.

"Wake up, Olive." A familiar voice spoke, finally registering that it was just Pierce.

The bed was too comfortable which only immobilized my body not to move an inch. To top it off, my head was pounding.

He started to shake me again and I groaned, "What do you want?" I rolled over and lifted the comforter to snuggle myself back to sleep.

"You do realize that you have the tendency to sleep in random beds. That's not really safe for a pretty girl like you to be on a stranger's bed. Although, I wouldn't be too mad if I see you lying on mine." He commented that I was pretty but somehow I just couldn't react to it. He just wouldn't stop talking.

I groaned again, his voice started to irritate me. "Pierce... My head hurts. Let me sleep in peace."

"I can't believe you drank more than half of the bottle. Get up." He pulled the comforter off and I shivered as I felt the cold air had embraced me. I was too stubborn to move so I tried to shut my eyes and just ignore him. He would go away for sure.

He shook me again, a little more roughly this time, "You have to eat something, Olive. I don't want you throwing up in here." I could tell from his tone of voice that he was getting really impatient with me. I wasn't really feeling well since my head pounded heavily at the moment. Slowly turning over, I faced him. His arms folded tightly to his chest and he had a disapproving look on his face.

Smiling weakly, "You sound like my father." I teased.

His expression had softened and he chuckled. "I wasn't trying to be. Now, get up before I drag you out of here." He ordered as he left the room to leave me freshen up a bit.

As I carefully lifted myself off the bed, the sudden change in position made my brain felt like it just dropped out of my head. I touched my forehead and just waited for the slight pain to go away. Dragging my feet into the bathroom, I was horrified to see the state of my appearance. My hair was definitely a mess, like a bird's nesting place and my white blouse was creased from sleep earlier. I tried fixing my hair with my fingers, combing to tame it. Good thing I didn't put any mascara and eyeliner on as to avoid having raccoon eyes. Splashing some water on my face, it woke me up a bit. The cool water kind of soothed my pounding head. When I tried to work on my blouse, it was hopeless, using my hands to flatten the creases out.

It hit me that we hadn't landed yet as I walked back out. Cursing under my breath, I hadn't gotten away with sleeping it off the whole trip. Pierce was sitting casually on the chair typing something on his laptop. The table splayed with a number of well-presented dishes and instead of wine being served; there was a glass of water with an aspirin tablet beside it. I sat down beside him and he looked up from his laptop. Giving me a soft smile, he set his laptop down as he handed me the glass of water and aspirin. I accepted it and drank the medicine, hoping that it would help my headache, feeling refreshed from drinking the cold liquid.

"Thanks." I mumbled to Pierce.

"Eat up." He forced me to a bowl of tomato basil soup. Back to being his bossy self, but I was used to it now. It was probably his way of showing that he cared. The aroma of the soup smelled wonderful. I picked up a soup spoon and started eating it with a toasted slice of baguette. It gave me the appetite to eat more so I was happy the alcohol didn't upset my stomach yet.

"I didn't see you as the type to be a raging alcoholic." Pierce teased from beside me. Giving him a hard glare, it was his fault in the first place. He had planted a lot of morbid scenarios to my brain into thinking that landing would mean crashing hard on the ground.

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