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The following morning, Aurora came down to the Great Hall for breakfast late. She was dressed in her Quidditch robes; ready for the practice that will be taking place after breakfast.

She gingerly sat down besides Fred causing his attention to turn to her. 

"You okay?" He asked, a gentle smile on his face didn't hide the worry that was written in his eyes.

"Yeah," Aurora nodded giving him a small smile, "Yeah, I was just tired."

Fred looked at her skeptically but didn't push the matter, although he shared a look with George who too looked like he didn't believe her.

"How was detention?" George asked.

Aurora's jaw tightened, something the twins quickly picked up on, "It was fine. She made us do lines."

"Ah, that's not bad at all," Lee exclaimed, "Lucky you. During my last detention I had to clean the entire Potion's classroom floor. Without magic."

Aurora pulled her lips into a thin line, "Yeah, lucky me," she whispered, gently stroking her wound; she had to take the bandage off as soon as it stopped bleeding due to the bandage being soaked in her own blood.

Before anyone else could say anything Angelina Johnson ran over to the group, before dragging them all down onto the Quidditch pitch for their first training as a team this year. 

"All right, Ron?" George winked at his youngest brother, who was wearing the Quidditch Keeper uniform and nervously fiddling with his broom.

"Yeah," Ron muttered quietly.

"Ready to show us all up, Ickle Prefect?" Fred asked.

"Shut up," Ron muttered, rolling his eyes at the twins.

"What's that thing Weasley's riding?" A squeaky voice called out from the stands, the team turned their heads to see Draco Malfoy calling out. He was sat with his usual Slytherin group; Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy, "Why would anyone put a flying charm on a mouldy old log like that?"

The Slytherin's shrieked and guffawed as they laughed.

"Ignore them," Harry said as the team mounted their brooms and flew up in the air, "We'll see who's laughing after we play them."

"Exactly the attitude I want, Harry!" Angelina said, nodding approvingly, before she turned back to the team, "Okay, everyone, we're going to start with some passes to warm up, the whole team please-"

"Hey, Johnson, what's with that hairstyle, anyway?" Pansy Parkinson shrieked, "Why would anyone want to look like they've got worms coming out of their head?"

Angelina swept her braided hair out of her face before continuing, "Spread out, then, and let's see what we can do."

The Gryffindor Quidditch team spread out in the air. Angelina threw the Quaffle to Fred, who passed it to George, who then passed it to Aurora, she passed it over to Harry, who passed it to Ron, who dropped it.

The Slytherin's roared and screamed with laughter. Ron, who had pelted down towards the ground caught the Quaffle and let out a loud sigh. 

"Pass it on, Ron," Angelina called out.

Ron threw the Quaffle to Katie, who passed it back to Harry.

"Hey, Potter, how's your scar feeling?" Malfoy called out, "Sure you don't need a lie down? It must be, what, a whole week since you were in the hospital wing, that's a record for you, isn't it?"

The team ignored the shouts coming from the Slytherin's, they focused purely on the Quaffle that flew from one player to the next. On Ron's third attempt he finally caught the Quaffle first try. He passed it so enthusiastically to Aurora that it soared through her outstretched hands and flew right into her face.

"Sorry!" Ron shouted, he tried to fly forwards to the girl but Angelina stopped him.

 "Get back in position, she's fine!" the braided girl roared, "But as your passing to a teammate, try to not knock her off her broom. We've got Bludgers for that."

Aurora's hands were holding her nose, blood trickled down from between her fingers freely. Staining her hands and Quidditch robes. The Slytherin's stamped and cheered. Fred and George immediately flew over to the black haired witch.

"Here, take this," George said as Fred examined her nose, "It'll clear it up in no time," George smiled as he placed a small purple sweet into her outstretched hand.

"Alright," Angelina called out, "Fred, George, go and get your bats and a Bludger. Ron, get up to the goal posts. Harry, release the Snitch when I say so. We're going to aim for Ron's goal, obviously."

George flew away from Aurora whilst Fred still lingered close by.

"Go, I'll be okay," Aurora told him, he looked at her intently as she placed the sweet in her mouth before he nodded his head and followed his brother. 

She chewed the purple coloured sweet before swallowing it, hoping for the blood to stop flowing however it didn't. In fact, the blood flow increased significantly, "Oh no," Aurora muttered to herself. She was no longer listening to the commands and shouts from Angelina as she watched her hands become bright red.

"Aurora, can't you do something about that nosebleed?" Angelina shouted, catching the black haired girl's attention.

Aurora looked up, "Don't you think I'm trying? It's just getting worse!" She placed her sleeve up to her nose in hopes of slowly down the flow but nothing seemed to be helping.

Fred looked anxiously between his girlfriend and his twin, who pulled out another purple sweet from his pocket and examined it. He then looked up at Fred, his face horror-struck. Fred looked confused at his brother until he noticed the sweet resting in his palm, his eyes widened as he zoomed past Angelina, ignoring her cries, and arrived at Aurora's side.

"Oh shit," Angelina muttered as she saw Aurora's chalk white face and that her entire uniform was soaked in blood, "She needs to go to the hospital wing."

Aurora's body swayed side to side before George flew over and helped Fred get her back down to the ground, the rest of the team quickly descending too.

"We'll take her, she might've ate a Blood Blisterpod by mistake," George muttered, his head hanging low as Fred quickly picked Aurora up bridal style and practically ran off the pitch. Her blood was now soaking his Quidditch robes too but he didn't care, he watched looked down at her noticing her eyes getting droopy and he immediately sped up. 

George ran in front of him, pushing students out of the way before they finally arrived at the Hospital Wing. George pushed the doors open causing them to loudly bang against the walls, echoing throughout the room. Madam Pomfrey ran out of her office, ready to shout at whoever was making such a racket but as soon as her eyes landed on Aurora she instantly ran over.

"Quickly, placed her down here," She instructed Fred before she ran back to her office to retrieve her wand and potions.

Fred gently placed Aurora down onto a empty Hospital bed before he got pushed away by Madam Pomfrey, who instructed both him and George to leave the Wing and come back in a few hours time. Fred looked reluctant to leave but George managed to convince him to go and get changed out of the bloody clothes and so he finally followed his twin out of the Hospital Wing and back to their dormitory. 

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