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David, Zane, Scott, Todd, Corinna and I all sat in David's living room watching a movie on the large, wide tv screen on the wall. We decided we'd have a scary movie night because we wanted to get into the spirit of Halloween, which made no sense to me because Halloween wasn't for another three months.

"This dumb bitch is finna walk into the room and she gon die!" Zane says, clapping his hands as he stares at the tv. Everyone around him laughs.

"Just watch the movie." David laughs. I chuckle at David and looked at everyone. They were all watching the movie intently except for Corrina and Todd. Corrina was under the blankets giving Todd a blowjob. I look away, feeling my face burning. Why was I the one to catch them doing it.

Suddenly, David gets up from the couch and he walks over to the kitchen. I continue to watch the movie and listen to Zane screaming at the dumb bitch to not open the closet door, knowing damn well her life will come to an end.

"Lauren!" My heart slightly drops from my name being called by David. I wasn't expecting it. I push the covers from my body and I walk over to the kitchen, seeing David open the fridge and pull out a cold water bottle.

"Did you see Corrina giving Todd a blowjob?" He asks, trying to hold back his laugh but obviously failing.

"Of course." I chuckle back. "Do they always do that?" I ask him.

"It's an on and off relationship with them. I gave up a while back trying to keep up with them." He shrugs. I laugh at him.

"How's the movie so far? Do you like it? Is it spooky enough for you?" He smirks at me as he waves his fingers at me as if mimicking a ghost.

"It's spooky for everybody." I nod my head. He twists the cap off the bottle and takes a sip before looking at me oddly.

"That's everybody. What about you?" He asks. I simply shrug my shoulders at him.

"It's alright, I guess." I say. David stares at me for a solid moment. He places the water bottle down on the island and quickly grabs my wrist and dragging me from the kitchen. He walks into the living room and slaps the lights on.

"David! What the hell, dude." Zane scoffs. David releases my wrist as he grabs the tv remote and cuts the tv off, then looks at everyone on the couch.

"Guys. I just found something out about Lauren." David says.

"What?" Everyone asks. David looks at me and looks back at the rest.

"Lauren isn't scared of scary movies." David says.

"What?" Zane asks.

"You aren't scared of scary movies?" Scott asks.

"No. Never have been. I don't scare easy, that's all." I say.

"That's a lie. When I blindfolded you, you almost shit your pants." David laughs.

"I'm scared of bugs. That's the only thing I'm really scared of." I say.

"But everything and anything else your not scared of?" Zane asks.

"No." I shake my head. Everyone exchanges looks and they end up having a smirk on their faces, especially David.

"That just made you ten times more attractive." Todd says staring at me. Corinna looks at him and slaps his chest, causing everyone to laugh, except Corinna.

"Guys. I think I got an idea." David says. "It's operation 'Scaring Lauren 101!'" David says.

"Can it wait til tomorrow?" Zane sighs. "I really wanna finish the movie and see what happened at the end. Besides, I'm too lazy to do whatever your wanting to do."

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