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"Nandu wahan maat Jaa . That place is really crowded yaar. "

"Ruk na Navya. Am not a kid. This place is lit yaar !"

"Waise where's Dhruv ?"

" Khana lene keliye Gaya hai. Ruk he will be back. "

"Okay. What are we gonna do now ?"

"Click pictures , eat food , go for jet skiing and have fun babe. Afterall we are in this beautiful place ! Ganga ghat is so damn beautiful. "

"Let's start clicking pictures. Tu ek kaam kar ghat ke pas khadi ho ja."

"Okay miss photographer ! Apka hukoom sarakhon par. " I said winking at her.

"Now goo. Time waste maat kar. "

"Han Han ek min ruk toh sahi ."

And I went to stand near the ghat. This place is so mesmerizing. Everything is so fresh and beautiful.

"Sun achhi si pic Lena . My Instagram followers should increase after seeing this pic ."

"Han Ji maharani ! Look at that side and play with your hair. "


"And...... "

And just when she was about to click the picture, someone splashed water on me.

When I turned , there was a guy on the jet skii . My anger knew no bounds.

"Abey oye ! Andha hai kya ?" I shouted being the badass Nandini I am.

He came to the ghat and settled his messy hair.

"Am sorry miss. That was unintentional." He said rolling his eyes.

"Unintentional ? Seriously ? Do you think am dumb ? You destroyed my new dress ! Pura gila kar diya !"

"Listen mein tumhe bahat ache se sorry bol Raha hu. Please meine kaha na that wasn't intentional." He said getting little irritated.

"Listen mister whoever you are ! Agar maafi mang ni hai , then acche se sorry kaho. Ese kaun sorry bolta hai. "

"Dekho miss whoever you are , meine already maafi mang li hai. Agar tumne Suna nahi , that's your fault. Not mine. "

This irritated the hell outta me.
Though he looks good , is tall , fair and handsome but this guy is arguing with me !

Okay fine he looks like a Greek god but still , he is arguing with me !

No wonder I would have actually wanted to know more about this guy , but he is arguing with me !

The only fact that he was arguing with me , could counter all other facts like he's handsome , sexy and blah.

Because I had this damn ego of mine . Anger filled me. How can someone talk to me like that ?

I looked at him and he was doing something with his phone. Suddenly an idea struck me !

I went towards him and said,
"Hey am sorry. I just got a little irritated. "

"Little ? You were so irritated !"

"Yeah I know. But am sorry. Let's be friends!"

"Ok fine !" He said as if he's not interested at all !

Khadoos kahinka !

I forwarded my hand for a handshake and he did the same. Just the moment we shook hands , I used my left hand to snatch his phone and threw it in the river .

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