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(Skipping to going on tour) You we're finally on the bus, and you hear a bunch of screaming, it sounds like a
bunch of fan girls. All the sudden you see a stampede of 12-14 year old girls coming your way. You try as fast as you can to get on the bus but loose a shoe. And these pair of shoes were your favorite. When all the girls leave you see a cute guy with brown hair. AND WITH YOUR SHOE!!!!!
You run over to him and snatch your shoe and say "snatched yo weave"
The boy smiles as your putting your shoes on. Your bags were allready on the bus.  Your brother comes out the bus, and runs up to the boy gives him a huge hug and says " hey Payton it's nice to see you! What are you guys doing?😶" "um well I was giving this girl back her shoe..." Payton says. "Oh ya this is my sisster sig" "sig this is Payton" "Oh this is Payton" i say awkwardly.
"Nice to meet you" Payton says
"Nice to meet you to!"

Why hello I have extremely bad writers block so If you have any ideas tell me!!!!

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