Side Story 1: Visiting New In-Laws (1)

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Su Jian laid beside the cradle. He had been trying to control himself. However, he couldn’t help himself and ultimately pinched the baby’s face.

Mother An said that it’s not good to pinch a baby’s face too much. However, the baby in front of him was so white and plum, like a glutinous rice dumpling. The baby was just too cute, especially that small face of hers which was chubby and tender. Therefore, although the unreliable mother Su Jian knew that pinching a baby’s face wasn’t good, he couldn’t help but stretch out his sinful hands.

What good texture, so smooth, so tender, so soft and so Q[1]Unable to control himself, Su Jian pinched the face, again, and again.

The baby pursed her small lips and her mouth slowly opened…


Su Jian got a shock and quickly took his hand back. Hearing the sound of footsteps, he quickly stood up straight and put on a suitable expression. With furrowed brows, he said worriedly to An Yize who came in quickly. “Ah! For some reason, the baby suddenly started crying! Yize, quickly come and take a look!”

An Yize skillfully picked the baby up out of her cradle. While coaxing the baby, he said, “Perhaps she’s hungry?”

Su Jian busily nodded, “Yes! I’m sure she must be hungry! I’ll go prepare the milk!”

The baby was already five months old. The child grew quickly and her appearance quickly changed. Su Jian watched as the little monkey grew up like a balloon being inflated into the beautiful white jade that everyone loved. He couldn’t help but feel the mystery of the divine force which created the universe. However, when he finished giving birth, he didn’t produce much milk. Mother An used all sorts of way, even inviting experts in prolactin[2], but to no avail. Mother An was very depressed. Nevertheless, Su Jian couldn’t help but felt a little happy. Although he felt apologetic to his baby, he felt embarrassed and strange having to breastfeed since he was once a man.

The baby’s arrival was not within Su Jian’s expectations. However, it was a great surprise to the An family. Just the naming of the child needed a long discussion. In order to give the baby a good name, father An specially visited his old friend who was a university professor, mother An invited a very experienced master, and An Yirou excitedly flipped through the whole book of “Tang and Song Poetry Anthology”. Seeing such excessive actions, Su Jian who was lying in An Yize’s embrace at night couldn’t help but sigh, “Isn’t it just thinking of a name? Is there a need for such a ruckus?”

An Yize lowered his eyes to look at him, his eyes showing laughter. With a gentle voice, he asked, “What about you? Jian Jian, this child is ours. Have you thought of naming her yourself?”

Su Jian thought for a moment and said, “ They say it is easier to raise a child if it has a cheap name.  Why don’t we call her An Baicai[3]!”

An Yize: “……”

Seeing An Yize’s terrible expression, Su Jian laughed awkwardly and said, “It’s just a joke. Of course I’m joking! How could I give my child such a name!”

An Yize’s expression became slightly warmer.

“Baicai(cabbage) is too ordinary. Our daughter is at least a Xi Hong Shi(tomato)! As the saying goes, the rarer something is, the more precious it is. Hahaha…” Seeing An Yize’s displeased expression, Su Jian stopped laughing and said, “Okay, okay. I’ll be serious. I feel that our daughter should be called An Ran[4]!”

“An Ran?”

“Yes. Calm and peaceful, in hope that she lives a smooth and peaceful life.”

“Okay. Let’s call her An Ran.”

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