Chapter 06.2

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"Reaper from the ninth realm, founder and first guild master of The Order, Kuro Shounen."

"Huntress from the ninth realm, Lara."

Maxine, one of the ladies in the group simply waved and kept quiet.

"From the eighth realm, the current leader of The Order, Rex Kai."

"Just a monk from a very ancient temple, my name is Owen as you already know."

"Yeah, I'm from South Africa, Johannesburg. You already know my name," Craig said.

Seth felt the awe in the room as each of the members of The Order introduced themselves. In the four years that he had been dead, he mistook them some sort of police for the departed however listening to the titles that they held individually, he had hoped that one day he would hear his name held in such regard. He wanted to get to know the new faces of the group and see what they were like. The one man to avoid at all costs, however, was Rex, the leader. He always had an uptight look and was always in a suit. Seth wondered about each of their individual abilities.

"So now that you've met The Order officially, you shall begin your training. Those that have come from a realm will teach you what we've learnt at academies where souls learn to become reapers, and the rest will take you out to different districts in the city to test what you've learnt. However, you will not be taken to the Underworld. Ever. It's not a place for wanderers," Rex said.

"Being a reaper does not simply mean that we take lives and send them to Heaven or Hell, but that we are peacekeepers between all the 9 realms," Kuro added.

"What are these 9 realms?" Seth asked.

"The fourth realm would be the one you're in now. The mortal realm. Then you have the Underworld, which is the first realm and the central place for all reapers who travel from here to there. From there, any soul can travel to the other eight realms Only port masters can travel from realm to realm without having to pass into the Underworld first. Heaven is the third realm and then comes to Hell as the second." Rex then added. During the explanation, Seth couldn't help but notice Maxine eyeing him.

"Cool it, Maxine. He's still a kid." Craig mocked.

"He's cute!" She said and went up to squeeze his cheeks. And at that moment, Seth was not sure how to react.

"Understand one thing, Seth," Kuro spoke sternly, "This group was created to bring to light that the world of reapers is not what it used to be."
"What do you mean?" Seth asked.
"Do you think your death was justified?" Kuro asked, reminding Seth all over again about the night he wished he could rewind to - could he have avoided it?
"Humans fear a lot of things in their own world of justice. Those boys that killed you, risking damage to their car which caused more than enough noise to draw attention..." Rex added.
"Your death was a mistake," Kuro left it there and decided to give Seth a practical explanation further. 
"Craig, nearest death, one that is soon," Rex ordered and Craig looked in a black notebook with black pages. Seth could see names written in white with what looked like numbers counting down next to the name, and beneath it were coordinates.
"There's mass death, eight lives ending at the same time. Train rails, not too far out of the city," He said as he showed Rex the coordinates. 

Seth was grabbed by the lapels and Rex tore a rift in the middle of the room pulling Seth into it. Kuro followed. Seth could not see a thing as he was dragged. He tried to wave his arms around, feeling around for anything. In addition to the darkness, he could not hear a thing either. There was no pull of gravity and unsure if he was moving at all. All he felt was the tug on his cloak.
In a few seconds, Seth found himself falling out of the sky, falling down into hills below. The crashed into the ground and tumbled down the hill. 
He looked up and around trying to register where he was. The city could be seen far away and he was near a train rail. In the distance, a train was approaching and it looked as if reapers stood on the train. Two reapers, most definitely not from here. Their cloaks resembled Alesio's with the difference of not having any stripes on their lapels. They both had gold embroidery on every inch of their cloak edgings. 
"They're not acolytes, are they?" Seth asked, getting up to his feet.
"No, they're not. Reapers from the citadel in the Underworld." Kuro explained.
Others appeared and were approaching the train.
The two reapers stayed on the train unperturbed. Noticeably, Nathan of the Slayers was not there. Four Slayers wasted no time and attacked the two reapers. 
Seth and the other two watched the attack far enough until the train would eventually reach them. But by then, the fight had escalated. 
It ended up with one of the reapers fighting three of the Slayers in one car which was destroyed, and two lives were lost and other passengers were injured. Seth looked at the worry on their faces, not having any idea what just transpired. After all, humans could not see the dead. Another life was lost as the other reaper and slayer slashed away at each other.
A father used his body to cover his wife and baby, and he kept looking up as the train staff tried to calm the passengers down. They tried to move passengers row by row to the back of the train. The plan was to disconnect from the damaged car. As it was the man's turn to move, he stood up and split into three pieces with his blood splattering all over his wife and child. The woman screeched in disbelief and panic rose exponentially. Now the passengers all got up and ran to the back, causing a serious jam. Some were pushing and other fell off the train between the cars, sustaining serious damage.
"WE NEED TO HELP! INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE DYING!" Seth said, watching this devastation.
And then it clicked.
"Wait, why did you bring me here to just watch?"
"If Alesio occupied your friend's body, where do you think he was after you died?" Kuro asked.
Rex spiced it up some more, "You'd think an acolyte would have done its job and reaped your life."
"Slayers?" Seth guessed and the other two nodded.
"To slayers, reaping the lives of humans empowers them only a little. Mortal souls haven't experienced much and so their essence isn't as strong. But acolytes have reaped countless of souls before even reaching that status. Acolytes can still be outnumbered which is why they take refuge in human bodies so that slayers do not attack them for their essence. Much like these slayers are doing."
"They could easily kill everyone on the train, but that would be far too easy."
Seth got angry, "Fuck that. Then let's protect the lives of the humans who are alive! No more senseless deaths need to occur!"
Kuro and Rex smiled at that, as Seth finally began to grasp why The Order existed.
The two of them vanished in a blink and Seth saw them by the train. Kuro went further to reap the two lives that fell off of the train. Rex landed in a car and pulled the soul out of one of the passengers, possessing the body and then standing on a seat and yelling for everyone to calm down and act civil. He sent a bit of his essence through the body and his voiced boomed, louder than the destruction that was still happening. Kuro caught up and reaped the other souls out of their dead bodies.

Any minute later and they would have become corrupted, turning into ghouls which would cause more deaths. 
The train staff successfully detached the rest of the train from the first three cars where the fighting was taking place.
Kuro counted eight lives that he reaped, perfect to Craig's report, and it was time to leave.
Rifts opened in the sky and reapers appeared, ones from the citadel. Ambulances and emergency helicopters could be heard approaching. The slayers immediately abandoned their fights but the reapers pursued them. 

Kuro and Rex appeared in front of Seth and Rex tore open a rift and the three left.


"Okay, I'm in," Seth said all hyped up as he faced The Order, "I get it now. I see what you guys are about. Some humans don't deserve to die just because souls like us fight. I was just another object in the way for the slayers to fight an acolyte. I see that now. Had Kuro not appeared that night, it could have been far worse than just me dying!"
Rex nodded, "Good. You finally understand. Now then, any objections to Seth joining?" He said and looked to the others. Silence filled the room.
"Very well," Kuro said, "Welcome to The Order, Seth."

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