Chapter 06

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The battle raged between the newborn reapers and Kuro and Owen kept a careful eye on their enemies. Seth swung and aimed for the neck but Matthew teleported behind him and landed two cuts in a cross on his back. Seth dropped to his knees but before they hit the ground, Seth mustered up strength and leapt high into the sky. He could see the entire cemetery. He looked down and Matthew was coming for him. Seth dove down and readied his scythe for a swing but his eyes shot open as Matthew vanished. Behind him, Matthew held out his palm and dark energy swarmed around into a ball. Kuro and Owen watched carefully at how Matthew moved, quite unusual for a newborn.

Owen closed one eye and the opened one shifted into a red iris colour. A Slayer stood chanting scripture which was controlling Matthew.

Owen wraith stepped behind the Slayer and swung his palm across the Slayer's neck. The head fell to the ground but behind Owen appeared all the other Slayers with their weapons swinging towards him. Kuro joined in the fight and roared and his body grew larger. His muscles rippled and markings appeared on his arms and chest in resemblance to flames. He blew fire towards the Slayers and Owen bent the fire away from him. The Slayers teleported out of range and two slayers appeared on either side of Kuro, both swinging their blades towards his legs.

Nathan stood in shock at the stupidity of his subordinates and screamed out, "You fools! Do not attack the behemoth!"

Kuro clenched both fists and in splits of a second, his large fists punched both slayers which blew their bodies into essence.

"The Explosive fists of the Behemoth, always a sight to see," Owen said as he stepped out of the flames.
"Get his bone to Meshaylen," Kuro told Owen. Owen made his way to the car and drove off, Nathan stopping the others from chasing after it. It would be pointless.

 The fight continued and dragged on for longer. Seth landed on the ground and spun around to meet Matthew whose blast had died out. As Matthew was falling to the ground Seth swung his blade towards him.

But Nathan appeared and grabbed Seth's blade, the sharpness not even piercing his skin. With his other hand, Nathan snatched Matthew by the neck and looked into his eyes. "Useless."

Nathan tightened his grip and Matthew's head popped right off, black blood spraying into the air which evaporated into essence.

"Compliments of the Slayers," Nathan said, and he along with the remaining Slayers vanished.

Kuro returned to his natural size and joined up with Seth.

"These matches never last long, do they?" Seth mentioned.

"What? Do you want a fight that lasts hours?" Kuro asked.

"Well... It would be awesome if I could have a full-on battle to go to my extremes..." Seth replied.

"Hmm, no. Seems like too much."

"Well, how long have you ever fought for?"

"Longest battle has been 8 hours, max."


"Yep. Get stronger and you'll experience it the same."

Owen came back with the car from the morgue, "Alright, let's head back to the lair."

"So... My body is going to be regrown?" Seth asked.

"5 days. More than enough time to make you a good enough reaper," Owen said as Kuro started the engine.

"'Good enough'?"

"You depend on a lot of evasion and long-range strikes. Worse yet, you depend too much on staying alive." Kuro explained.

"What's wrong with that?"

"You're already dead," Kuro said in a flat tone.

He was right. Seth was dead. What else was there to fear? Could reapers even die? What happened to those other reapers he'd killed before?

"When a reaper 'dies', they turn into essence. That essence is either then absorbed by the killer or it floats in the air. If they're in the realm from which they reside, their essence rebuilds back into their form over some time." Owen spoke from the back.

"In English, please?" Seth asked.

"All that you are is a concentrated body of essence woven by a gem-like stone inside of you. This stone is known as the core and it radiates a lot of essence, forever giving it off. It will continue to grow essence so much so that it will form its own shell, that being your body. Your thoughts, your emotions, everything you are is controlled by your core."

All of this just sounded amazing to Seth. Being dead was fucking awesome, so he thought.

"So, those guys, those Slayers, they seem pretty weak seeing as we took four of them out," Seth said.

"Those Slayers we saw were Nathan's top subordinates. Kuro and I just happen to have fought much more powerful enemies than those children. Had Nathan stepped in..." Owen began.

"That dude held my scythe with his bare hand!" Seth interrupted.

"Anyways... Had Nathan stepped in, Kuro and I would have had to call for backup." Owen concluded.

"He's that strong?" Seth asked.
Owen looked to Kuro who remained, "He was Kuro's disciple. It's safe to say that he's now almost reached Kuro's level of strength."
"Almost. He still has a long way to go." Kuro answered.

The car parked outside the hotel and the three stepped out.

The time had come for Seth to truly understand what it truly meant being a wandering reaper.

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