I want a blowjob

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It's the same old same old. I wake up grab the white and blue striped bowl the fruit loops my red spoon and the milk. I ate for like 5 minutes got dressed and went to work. I would have have thought that today would be a regular day but boy was I wrong. 

I was pulling another late shift like I do every day. Usually it's just me and my boss left like today. "Alexis can you come in my office." my boss yelled.  I walked in his office as he looked up from his computer. "Yes Mr.Black?" I asked. "Sit down Alexis." he said pointing to a chair. "You have been here for a year now and you are a valuable part f out team. But I have to let you go." he said sympathetically. I love this job so much. I need this job. "Can I ask why sir?" I just don't understand. "You don't act like you want the job anymore. You used to be more enthusiastic and eager to work now you're not." he said. "Thank you Mr.Black." I said getting ready to walk out. Wait what am I doing I will never find such a high paying job. I am a receptionist making 100k a year. I turned around on my heel "Mr.Black is there anything I can do to show you that I'm eager for this job?" I asked hopefully. "Yes there is something you can do." he said walking towards me. He pushed me on to my knees. "If you want your job I want a blowjob." he said.

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