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~ a few years later

Luke's pov.

Ryan was holding my hand as we walked into the theater, normal rabbit hood in place to hide his ears. He was humming to himself, a smile on his face as he took in his surroundings.

We were at the movie theaters to watch Captain Marvel and he was jumping with excitement, He has been dying to watch this movie.

"What should we get? Candy or popcorn?"

"A large soda and popcorn, and no eating it until we see her use her powers." He states but I know that won't last long. We were here with Jon and Evan who were going to watch Alita battle angel, which we had seen last week.

"Remember don't eat to much popcorn. We're going to Applebee's after this." Evan states and Ryan nods his head, most likely rolling his eyes under his mask. We get in the concession stand line and wait, Ryan and Jon talking happily. When we get to the front I order for all of us, giving them the employee credit card that miss strange had given us. We get our food quickly and part ways, going to different theaters to watch.

"Do you have to go to the bathroom?" I question and he shakes his head.

"Does ryry have to use the bathroom?" He shakes his head again and gives me a big smile. I take his free hand and together we walk into the theater to get our seats.


The lights come back on as the end credit scene finishes. Ryan turns to me with a smile as we get up, bringing our trash with us to throw our in the garbage cans outside.

"Evan and Jon's movie should be over too, let's go meet them at the car." I tell him and he nods, holding my hand as we exit. It was kinda cold outside but Ryan doesn't seem to mind, walking with me to my car. He hesitated for a moment though and when I turn to him his smile is a bit smaller.

Looking around I could see a group of people walking towards the theater, but it seemed like they were heading straight to us. Fear corses through me then, worrying over what they might say or do to Ryan. He had been getting better, ryry making less appearances and Ryan getting his mental health in order.

"You people are from the freak show right?" The mother says, voice  high and shrill. Ryan flinches at it. The kid seems to bounce as he stares at us.

"Yes, now if you don't mind-"

"My child is a big fan! show him some tricks." She states, pushing the child forward. Ryan flinches and steps closer to me, I take my hand from his and throw my arm over his shoulder. Who does this entitled bitch think she is?

"Miss, we are on break for the week. Were just trying to relax-"

"So? It's just a small thing to make him happy!"

"Mommy I wanna see the fire!" The kid whines and I can slightly hear Ryan mumbling to the demons in his head to try and stay calm.

"Why are you being so rude? My son just wants to see your little magic thing!" The mother states and now the husband is stepping forward. For a second I think he's gonna tell his wife to stop but instead he glares at me.

"Just show my kid some of your freaky stuff and we'll be leaving." He states. I glare at him and try to move away from them but they follow.

"Why are you acting like such a selfish bastard! My kid just wants to see some fire!"

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