My Lady-Jaime Lannister x Reader

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Some spoilers for Season 3

"She's my best friend. That hasn't changed."
"It's clear your feelings for her has."


I dropped the sword to the ground after the point of a different weapon touched my back. "I win." She whispers next to my ear. I shiver.

"Only because I let you, plus I am sort of missing a hand." I sigh, pushing down the pit in my stomach.

"Oh, so that's what happened?" Y/N laughs. She picked up my sword and handed it to me. "I think that's enough messing around for today. I've got to help Father with the horses."

Heading toward the castle, we passed Tyrion and Lady Sansa. I could see him glancing my way and looking surprised at Y/N.

Once we arrived, she grabbed my sparring sword and hung them up, side by side. She continued down the walkway to the stables. She brushed one of the many horses and turned back to me. "What are you still doing here? Your father and sister would kill me if they knew you spend time with a stable girl."

"I wouldn't let them." I wanted to slap myself with how bold I was being.

Y/N smiled at me, "I wish you good luck in your future endeavors. Goodbye, Ser Jaime."

"Goodbye, my lady." I turn to walk off.

"Not a lady but I'm flattered." She laughed as I continued to walk away, awestruck.


"Since when have you been sneaking around to visit Y/N again?" Tyrion whispered when I met back up with him.

"What?" I smile at the passing lord and lady.

"Father told you when you were younger to stop seeing her and I doubt our beloved sister enjoys seeing you around a stable girl."

"That's why there is such thing as sneaking around," I whisper and his eyebrows raise. "Not like that. She was my best friend and still is my best friend. That hasn't changed."

"It's clear your feelings for her has." He grabs a glass of wine off the counter.

"Feelings? What are you—"

"Don't deny it. I sent Bronn to make sure no one else followed you and he told me that you were blushing the entire time."

"I was?!" I now could feel heat rise to my cheeks.

"You are now. Don't let Cersei catch you. Or Father. You know what they'll do." He pats my arms and walks off, leaving me in silence.


"Jaime, you've got to focus on the fighting, not my face." She laughed and knocked my sword out of my hand.

Sighing, I walk over to where the sword slid. Without me realizing, my foot moved too quickly and I kicked it off the side to the next rock ledge below us. "Ugh."

"Great job. I'll go get it. I don't need to lose another sparring sword because of our matches." She chuckled and ran past me, down the stairs.

10 minutes pass and she hasn't returned. My nerves sit on end when I see her walking up the stairs with Cersei. She slowly walks my way, grabs the other sword from my hand, gives me an apologetic look, and walks past Cersei to start running up the stairs to get to her home.

"You were never good at hiding things from me." She saunters over to me. "And why would you be trying to hide a meaningless girl from me?"

I don't answer.

"Don't tell me you've grown feelings for her."

I stare at the ground.

Her lips curve down and her eyes shoot fire at me. She rolls her eyes and walks off toward the Red Keep.

I take deep breaths and climb up the large steps to get to the stables.

Y/N is taking off a horse's gear when she sees me enter. She breathes in sharply and heads to put the gear away. I speed up my pace to catch up with her. "What happened with my sister?"

"Oh, nothing, just threatening everything I know and love if I don't stop seeing you, no big deal." She places the stuff down and tries to walk past me but I grab her wrist. "You told me Cersei wouldn't find out. The third meeting, she threatened me!" She slips her wrist out of my grip and she stares at me.

"I'm sorry. We will be more careful. Nothing bad will happen, I promise." I step closer to her slowly as she looks me up and down confused and seemed to be unsure of if she should trust me. I place my hands up and down her arms. "Do you want to try again?"

Y/N bit her lip. "Only if we are out of view better. I don't need to worry about her or your father."

"Ok. Good. They won't know, I'll make sure of that." I smile and she turns away to the nearest horse that needed tending. "Now, I must leave but when will I see you again?"

"How about in two days? My brother is supposed to handle most of the work that day so we can have more time."

"Great. I'll see you then, my lady." I bow and turn but am stopped after she grabs my arm and pulls me back around.

She plants a kiss right on my lips and before I can do anything else, she pulls away. "I'll see you then, Ser Jaime."

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