Chapter 1

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Finn's POV

"Jake, I don't feel right about messing with the Ice King's stuff." Jake and I were fooling around in the Ice King's lair. I was digging through boxes while Jake was messing with Ice King's magic junk.

"Nah, it's cool because he's a bad guy. We're just checking up on him for the good of Ooo." Jake picked up a magic bolt and changed so he looked like Ice King. "Look at me! I'm dumb and desperate for a girlfriend!"

I rolled my eyes and opened another box. "Hey, remember this?" I pulled out the Ice King's fan fiction about us and flipped through the pages. Jake changed back back to normal and came over. "Yeah man! Terrible ending though." He snatched the book and for a pencil. "'I'm just joking! There's only one guy for me, and that's Flame Prince! He's so hot!'" Jake said in a bad girly voice while writing. I tried to get the book back. "Jake! Cut it out!" "I'm not finished yet!" He dropped the book and kept writing in it while tying me up with his leg. "'You know who's hotter than Flame Prince? Finn the Human! We'd totally be perfect for each other!' Says Fionna sadly. 'But we're worlds apart. How would we ever get together?'"

"Jake!" I bite his leg so he'll let me go. He yelps and his leg spirals off me.

Jake lost his grip on a magic bolt and it hit the book. I dropped it and it began to glow. "Jake, what did you do?" I drew my sword as light shot out, blinding us. When it died down, there were 2 people in the room with us. 1 was a girl my age, with a light blue shirt and a dark blue skirt. She had knee high socks and a white bunny hat like my bear cap. The other was a brown and white cat. "Where the heck are we? Cake, why'd you have to drop that magic bolt?" the girl asked.

Fionna POV

There was a boy and a dog in the room with us. I drew my retractable sword (the real one, not Ice Queen's sick joke.)

"Who are you?" I demanded. I glared at the dog in the room, remembering the time a tiny dog poisoned Cake and tried to kill wild Berry prince.

"What the heck is going?" Cake's tail was puffed out like she was nervous, scared, or around Lord Monochromicorn. (Ow! Don't hit me, Cake!)

"Wait, are you really...human?" We both ask at the same time. "Duh, what do I look like?" We say at the same time. I'm not a hyooman, obviously. But I can't see his neck. "Take off your hat." "What? Why should I?" His hand gripped the bottom. I rolled my eyes and jumped him. "Just let me see!" I yell. "Hey, get off my bro!" The dog says, what was his name?

"You're not the boss of her!" Cake hissed at him and jumped at him. They started fighting.

"Quit it!" The guy kicked me off him. I hit a real and slumped to the ground. "Oh glob, I'm sorry!" He runs over to help me up. I stare at his hand before taking it, but I pulled myself up super quick and pulled his hat down.

Instead of fins and gills, golden blonde hair tumbled down to his shoulders. "Oh," I mumble softly. "Uh, sorry for tackling you, and for Cake attacking your friend." "Sorry for kicking you into a wall." He mumbles.

He just kind of state at each other until Cake kicks his dog into us and we crash. "Oops, sorry Fi. He's human?" "Yep. I'm Fionna the Human, and this is Cake the Cat. Who are you guys?"

The guy pulls his hat back up. "I'm Finn the Human, and that's Jake the Dog. How'd you get to Ooo?"

"What's Ooo? Aren't we in Aaa?" Cake picks up a book on the floor. "Um, Fionna? I know why these guys seem familiar." I look at the book and see these weird drawings. "Ice Queen's fan fiction! Oh my grod!" I knock it out of Cake's hand. "That was a terrible story!"

"So you're that girl from IK's fanfic?" Finn asked, seeming a little freaked out. "Nope, the only time I've heard of Ice King is on IQ's story."

"Uh, Finn? I just remembered you were supposed to hang around Flame Princess after the reconnaissance mission." Jake spoke up, looking at a list. "Yeah, you're right! Nice to meet you guys- um, gals. Bye!" They tri to go out the window.

"Whoa, whoa whoa, I'm not staying in the Ice Kingdom! What if Ice Wacko comes back?" I protested.

"Let's take her to Princess Bubblegum or Marceline!" Jake suggested. I thought of Gumball and Marshal Lee {similar name's; duh} and thought about it. For like two seconds. "Take me to Marceline." Long story short, I used to like Gumball. A lot. But after the Ice Queen thing, and that thing with the Lich, I've done my best to get over him. But not it's pretty hard.

Finn nodded, but he looked a little reluctant. "Let's go."


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