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This cover is for akan_great16

Details: I'm posting a short blurb so that you can make out what the actual story is about.

""Happiness"is a word for people who have hope. Hope for the future. Not a word Ethan would choose to describe himself. After multiple suicide attempts following his mother's death, he is sent to a counselor. Now with an unclear head and a full bottle of white raging anger,he decides to throw the water under the bridge and give his counselor the light of the day by telling his story. Words unspoken come tumbling out and his bottled up emotions are released. His anger with his dead mother. His pain. His suffering. Standing at the edge of the world, he speaks, about a Mother he couldn't forgive and a life he couldn't live."

Awwthentic Note: Keeping in context with the theme of the story, I used a guy who looks deep in thoughts. I gave multiple color effects on the image to give the effect to his changing thought process and a font that speaks about confusion and craziness of mind.

There were plenty of options for this plot and I can make more but I chose this to submit because I feel this one stands out.

Feedbacks, Please.


Dated: 10/09/2014

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