Friendship Part 2

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Third Person POV
As Midoriya and Todoroki eat their lunch Uraraka and Ida sit down next to them. Ida by Midoriya with Uraraka by Todoroki.

Midoriya's POV
As I slowly eat my katsudon I feel something slid on the seat next to me. It leaning against me slightly. This startled me and I let out a little scream. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." Says the voice next to me. Then from behind us I hear explosions and yelling. "STOP SCREAMING YOU F***ING NERD." I heard someone start to calm him down and it ends there. [P.S. The person you calmed down Bakugo was Kiri XD I ship them as well. A little KiriBaku might sneak in here and there.]
I hear a bubbly, cheery voice coming from across the table. "Hi! I'm Uraraka and he is Ida!" "Hello." I hear Shoto say in a monotone voice. [This is different for Todoroki to sound like this to Midoriya. Sorry it doesn't really go with the anime.]
After a little of Uraraka and Ida talking with Todoroki, I was staying quiet, the bell to go back to class rang. We all got up and I feel around for Shoto's arm. I Can't Find Him. As I start to panic I feel his arm gently under mine. I jump a little but quickly relax as we start walking to class.

Todoroki's POV
I see Izuku panic a bit so I quickly walk up to him and put my arm under his. I feel his jump but relax and let me lead him to class.
As we walk in the classroom we are the last ones in. As I watch everyone's eyes land on us practically holding hands, I lead him to his desk. "Where do you sit?" I hear him quietly ask as he sits down. I don't answer and go to my desk, I grab his hand to show him where. He smiles. Present Mic walks in and Izuku covers his ears again. I shoot a look at Present Mic, he shuts up imetietly. Midoriya removes his hands from his ears, he has the beginning of tears in his beautiful, kind green eyes. I can't stop thinking about him like that. Do I really love him or is it just because he is so different?
Later that day, after the bell rang I was grabbing my bag and as I crouched down I saw his walking stick. I grab it and lead him to the front of the school where his mother was hear to pick him up. As he sits down thanking me and apologizing for him being so depent on me, I put his walking stick on his lap. I see him turn redder than my hair as I close the door and his mother drives away.

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