Chapter 4

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Warning: Swearing and Drama

I do not own any Voltron Characters.. Only Hailey Ito at the moment.

~Keith's world~

"So Lotor is suspended for a week?" Pidge asked. "And Lance is suspended for two days?"

Keith nodded. "Yup. That's right."

Keith couldn't help but think about Lance. How muscular his arms were. He could only imagined them wrapped arou-

'What the hell?' Keith scolded himself. 'Stop thinking about him!'

After the incident yesterday afternoon that's all Keith could think about. Him.

~Thursday. The day Lance returns to school because I have no clue what to write during the time Lance is suspended~

It was Keith's favourite part of the day. Where he got to sit with all his friends and eat food.


Keith sat at his table with all his friends. "So how's your guys day so far."

"Not amazing." Matt sighed. "I had to hold Hailey back from punching some chick."

"Oh come on! You can't tell me you didn't want to punch her too! She was very annoying! And she was making googly eyes at you!" Hailey complained.

"You didn't have to make her scared of you!" Matt exclaimed.

"Then why don't you go be with her! Obviously you want to be with her instead! You can just reject me as a soulmate!" Hailey snapped.

The rest of the group sighed knowing what was gonna happen any minute now.

"What babe! No I don't love anyone but you!" Matt said grabbing his soulmates hand. "I can't live without you!"

"Your lucky I love you and your hands." Hailey grumbled.

Keith took a bite of his sandwich. That's when he noticed a shadow on the table.

He looked up to see the bad boy of the school standing at the table with his friends.

"Lance?" Keith asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Can we sit with you?" Lance mumbled.

Keith quickly nodded and moved over  as Lance pulled up a chair, Hunk and Shay doing the same thing.

The table was silent for a while until Pidge broke it.

"Soooo." Pidge asked gaining everyones attention. "Hunk, Shay how did you guys meet?" Looking at the two.

"It's nothing special but. I was sitting in class and I was bored so I started writing on my arm. Hunk was sitting next to me and looked back and forth from his to mine and then he looked at me and said 'Hey' so I looked up and he pointed to his arm and thats when I realized what he was saying." Shay explained blushing.

Everyone then started introducing themselves.

Lance looked down at Keith who was silently eating his food.


Keith looked up at him puzzled that the bad boy was talking to him.

"Um H-hey." The Shorter Male mumbled. 

"How have you been?" The Cuban boy asked.

"Honestly?" Keith asked. Lance nodded. "A little worried about next week. When you know who comes back. I'll be honest I'm kind of scared of him."

"I doubt he'll hurt you. Not with me around." Lance replied. "Don't worry about it to much."

Keith blushed a light pink looking down at his hands. He looked up at Lance. Should he tell him? No. He should wait. But everyone else has a soulmate. His was just sitting right beside him.

"Keith? You there?" Lance asked looking down at the Male.

"Huh?" Keith said coming back to Earth.

"The warning bell went. Can I walk you to class?" Lance said.

Keith was surprised. "Oh. Um S-sure."

Lance stood up. "Let's get going then."

"Right." Keith said following Lance out of the cafeteria.

"Keith?" Lance said. "Why does Lotor pick on you?"

"I'm not sure. He's done it ever since we were younger." Keith ran a hand through his mullet. "The first time he bullied me was when we were at the park at the age 6 I think. I was playing  in the sand pit with Pidge and Matt and that's when he came over and started being mean. He shoved me to the ground and I got back up and attempted to defend myself but he kept on going. There was another kid who helped me and my friends. He defended us. But I don't know where he went."

Lances eyes widened when he heard this. Keith was the kid he saved from Lotor when he was younger. Not that he was gonna tell Keith that.

"Oh." Lance blinked. "I wish I was there for you. I could've protected you." Lance said under his breath so Keith couldn't hear him.

The two boys stopped at Keith's locker. Keith grabbed his stuff and closed his locker making sure it was locked.

It was silent all the way up to Keith's class.

"Well here's my stop." Keith said. "See you later Lance."

"Bye mullet head." Lance said ruffling Keith's hair and walked away.

Keith's jaw dropped. Did he just- huh?

Keith shook his head. The annoyed boy walked into class.

He set is stuff on his desk as the bell rang. Then he noticed the black wording appearing on his arm.

"What the hell?" Keith said under his breath.

His soulmate had written 'Talk to me' on his arm.

Keith sighed. Luckily he was in space science and they were watching another movie about a different dimension.

'Your lucky we are watching a movie in class.' He wrote.

'For what class?' His soulmate wrote back.

'Space Science.'


'Don't you have class right now?'

'I ditched.'

'Why?" Keith questioned.

'I didn't feel like going.'

'My parents would kill me if I skipped a class.' Keith's parents really would. Even if they were watching a movie.

'One day I'll make you skip with me. Then we can have way more fun.'

Keith blushed. He was thankful the lights were off so no one could see his pink cheeks.

'Your such a bad boy.'


The two talked through Keith's history class.

The shorter boy Walked out of class when he seen Lance standing there.

"How was class Mullet head?" Lance asked smirking.

"It was fine." Keith sighed. "But next time you want to talk to me can you write neater?"

Lance came to a sudden stop and Keith's eyes widened at what he just said.

'Shit' he thought.

"W-what?" Lance spluttered.

'No going back now.' Keith gulped. "Lance. I think your my soulmate."

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