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Percy passed his parents' apartment, his eyes focused on the smashed windows. The neighborhood was abandoned now, Sally and Paul Blofis along with their three children had moved somewhere else after Percy's death. Percy didn't know where, he hadn't kept tabs on them.

Just like he never kept tabs on Kenneth, assuming Annabeth would be a good mother though she failed as a wife, for him at least.

"Slow down!" Amanda said from somewhere behind him. "So do you run on some god powered battery? Can you make that into coffee?" Jasmine said. She had done a better job on keeping up with Percy, but she was out of breath. Percy stopped and let the girls recollect themselves.

"Anything looking familiar you two?" Percy asked them. Jasmine shrugged. The moon had begun to rise, and just like Artemis promised, a full moon took its place in the sky.

"We shouldn't have come here." Amanda said fearfully. "I'll take that as a yes. Which building?" Percy asked her. Amanda didn't answer. "Amanda?" Percy tried again, his voice more firm. Still nothing.

Percy sighed. "Which building?" He said. Her scared eyes shut tightly before she whispered, "The chapel." The answer was barely audible, but Percy heard it, and he instantly spotted the building with its pillars and a single cross on the tallest one in the middle.

"Come on." Percy said, still looking at the building. Jasmine looked at Amanda sympathetically. "Can we stay out here? I mean... Look at her." Jasmine said. Percy glanced at Amanda, and he saw the genuine horror flashed across her features. He looked at Jasmine before sighing.

"And if something attacks, what are you going to do?" Percy asked. "Take off my gloves?" Jasmine said, unsure herself. "Whatever is in there is more than likely childplay compared to what the three of us can attract here. We can't be singled out, I promise I will try to not let anything or anyone get to you." Percy said. "Y-you said try!" Amanda said, but Percy had already begun walking away. "The sooner we get done with this, the soon we leave. I can't do my job worrying if you two are being disembowled by lycanthropes. Even better, here." Percy said, handing Jasmine a celestial bronze handgun. Not as dangerous as the one he had used the day before, but it got the job done. He had reached the giant doors before he heard steps behind him. He glanced just to be sure and, behold, both of them had begun to follow him.

Percy opened the large doors and cautiously stepped in. The place looked like the rest of the neighborhood-- abandoned and deserted. The place was pretty roomy on the inside, and he was caught off guard when he heard Amanda's tiny terrified voice.


The word echoed through the large room, and Percy's head was introduced to a large piece of metal. Percy was knocked a few feet back, but landed safely in a crouch, but he felt the latch on his head just about give out before somehow correcting itself.

His helmet had flew off with a loud clang, and his cold, inhuman sea green eyes connected to a figure with blond hair. "Yes, Alpha. But this one might know me as Twenty." He said. He was referring to Percy, but he didn't turn towards him, and probably didn't get a look at his face.

"Twenty, huh? You don't happen to be named Kenneth, do you?" Percy said, getting up from his crouch and standing straight up to his full height. The figure turned swiftly at the name and Percy's met eyes that mirrored his own.

"Yeah." Percy said smirking, the scar on his face crackling with electricity. "I'd recognize my eyes anywhere."

"D-dad? Y-you're alive?" Kenneth asked. He had wielded a celestial bronze battle axe, and judging by the one in the wall, had originally had two before chucking one at Percy's helmet.

"For the most part." Percy said. "That's impossible... They killed you... Adrien and... and..." Kenneth said. Percy sighed. His son wasn't putting up a very convincing act.

Percy was completely aware of those leering in the shadows, dangerously close to Jasmine and Amanda. Amanda looked less scared too, but Percy should've known that. He still remembered the day before, when she tried to feed him the whole 'home' story.

"Yeah. It sucked big time." Percy said lamely. Kenneth looked at him. "You're not falling for it?"
"You really are him then. The great Perseus Jackson. Oh, how the mighty fall." Kenneth said, leaning on his axe. Percy heard the sound of a gun as Jasmine fended off the people that seemed to be hiding in the shadows, cloaked heavily in the darkness.

"Well, in my defence, I really did see them kill you." Kenneth said before charging at full speed with his axe. Percy blocked it with his metal arm, not being able to react fast enough to get out riptide. "I saw them saw you to pieces you. Mom couldn't keep a traumatized kid like me quiet, so here I am." He feigned a blow to the left, but Percy saw right through it. He landed a punch on his son's chest, sending him tumbling backword.

"You know, I wanted revenge for so long. You were my hero for quite some time." Kenneth said. He rolled onto his stomach and jumped back up. "But you let them kill you." Kenneth said, before charging again. This time Percy rolled his shoulder and met the axe with a blade that Percy trusted more than Hephaestus. "You even have Riptide. You're the same guy I remember." Kenneth said.

Percy was now on an unstable leg, and with every move he made he felt the latch give a little bit more. With a grunt, Kenneth pushed Percy back, trying to knock him off balance. He nearly succeeded, but only because Percy's leg was falling off.

"Not bad kid. You can really fight." Percy said, pushing back at his son, who was overwhelmed by the weight of the metal that made up Percy's limbs and replaced several organs in his actual body.

"When Annabeth found out that I had seen it, that I could ruin her reputation, she sold me away to people she thought would kill me. But they didn't. They made me so much stronger!" Kenneth said, and the ground began to shake violently.

"I'll be turning 20 soon, father. Then, I will surpass even you."

And that is the end of this part. I hoped you enjoyed it, and comment your thoughts, theories, and feelings. Yeah... That's it. Oskay (the 's' in 'oskay' is not a typo, mkay?), thanks for reading (not really much happened, I know),

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