Chapter 9: Zack

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-Ok so ummm, I just realized today that chapter 5 didn't save when I published it and it's completely blank so uh, sorry about that. All you really need to know (and all I can remember) Is that Lucy went to Natsu's house for the project and she met Wendy, found out Natsu's parents died and they played board games. I'm really really sorry about but I hope you enjoy chapter 9!-


Lucy's P.O.V

"Huff...huff...huff..." I sit down in class. Man, I'm out of shape. Wait a minute, What?!  I look to the front of the class to see Natsu sitting in his seat.

I rubbed my eyes. Didn't he just get shot multiple times like two days ago?! I just stare at him wide-eyed until the bell rang. "Alright, class..." Everyone kept talking. "SHUT YOUR FACES!!!"

<><>Lunch (or like right before it)<><>

Just as the lunch bell rang I run right up to Natsu. "What are you doing here?! You should be in resting!" I say, still sorta in shock.

"I feel fine." He said simply and kept walking. "How did you even get the doctors to let you go?" I say, trying to keep up with him. He shrugged "I don't know." He was clearly lying but before I had time to say anything, he was gone.

I go to sit with my friends still confused. I mean hospitals don't let you go just because you say 'you feel fine'  I realize all my friends are staring at me. "What?" I ask

"You were just mumbling nonsense and weren't responding to us." Levy said. "Oh, sorry." "What were you thinking about anyway. All I heard was 'hospital' and 'feel fine'. Is everything ok?" Mira asks.

"Oh yeah, everything's fine." I say. "Ok, then I have something to say!" Juvia says. "Oh yeah, what is it?" Lisanna asks. Juvia takes a deep breath "Well, I was thinking about asking Gra~Sama out on a date but I don't know what to say!!" She said looking somewhat panicked.

"Really, that's great Juvia!" I comment. "Just do what you would normally do Juvia, if Gray is sensible and values his life he'll say yes." Erza says. "Y-Yeah ok." Juvia looked nervous already.

"Oh speaking of, Gajeel asked if he could come to sit with us tomorrow." Levy said. "Of course he can!" Mira said looking really happy.

"Yeah, he supposed to like the second week of school but you never brought him." Cana said looking a little upset. Okay, very  upset. "Oh yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't ready for you guys to meet him." "You realize he goes to our school, if we really wanted to meet him we could have just found him somewhere around campus." Evergreen says.

"Oh, right." Levy said looking a little embarrassed. I giggle.

<><><>After School<><><>

I walked home and watched youtu-I mean did my homework until it was time for Wendy's school to get out. Should I go pick her up? She did come here by herself yesterday. Eh, she'll be fine.

Sure enough ten minutes later Wendy came, but with a bruise on her cheek. "Wendy, what happened?" I ask staring at it.

"I uh, tripped and fell." She explained. "Oh, ok" I say thinking that's a reasonable explanation. "Want something to eat?" I ask and head into the kitchen. "Sure, may I have a pb&j please." She says.

"Ok." But right as I get the bread out the doorbell rings. "I'll get it!!" Wendy calls and opens the door to see Natsu. "Wh-What are you doing here?! Shouldn't you be resting!!" Wendy exclaims.

"Yeah funny, that's what I said." I say walking up to the door. "I'm ok, I'll be fine." Natsu says then his eyes narrow to Wendy's cheek. "Who?" He asked. What?  "Uh, uh...I-I tripped." Wendy said sounding nervous.

"Uh-huh, sure. Now who?" Natsu asked but more demanding this time. (By the way, there are no magic fights in Middle School.) "I j-just tripped Natsu." She said a little more composed this time.

Natsu narrowed his eyes even more. "Wendy..." he was getting a little scary. "Z-Zack" She whispered. Natsu stood there for a few seconds before walking off. "Natsu, wait!" Wendy started running after him.

"Calm down Natsu, it's not that big a deal!" She yells, trying to keep up. I close the door and follow them.

Now Natsu was scary. A line had popped out on his forehead and his fists were clenched. Everyone on the street who saw him jumped out of their skin and ran inside.

Eventually, Natsu stops in front of a kid with brown hair who looked about Wendy's age but a bit bigger and tough-looking. Was that Zack?  The kid had fear in his eyes but he didn't move, stood up straight and looked Natsu directly in the eyes.

"You hurt Wendy." He said looking at him, giving him a death glare. The kid was trembling. Suddenly Natsu kneeled down and looked the kid dead in the eye.

His gaze softened "Was it your brother again?" What?  The kid teared up and he nodded. Natsu took his shoulders and hugged him while the kid cried into his shirt. Wendy and I just stood there surprised and confused.

After a few minutes, Natsu pulled away "Where is he?" He asked looking serious. "Th-the bar." The kid said sniffling. Natsu stood up and started walking.

Wendy went up to the kid. "I'm s-so s-sorry Wendy." He said looking ashamed. "You just have such a kind and supportive brother, I was jealous but that's no excuse for what I did. I hope you can forgive me." He said looking at the ground.

Wendy smiled. "Sure, Zack! You wanna be friends?" She asked. Zack looked shocked. "Y-Yeah, I would l-love to." He said smiling. They walked off.

I smiled and decided to follow after Natsu. I wonder what he was talking about. Is he going to find Zack's brother?

I walk to the bar and see Natsu enter, he was giving off a scary aura and everyone in the bar left, except for a few guys sitting there, watching a game.

Natsu walks up to one and taps his shoulder. The guy turned around and Natsu grabbed his shirt collar bringing the guy closer to his face, forcing him to look in his eyes.

The other guys he was sitting with realized who it was and were out of there in less than 2 seconds. "Who do you think you are?" Natsu asked giving him the most intense glare I think I've ever seen.

"How could you even consider doing that to your own brother?!" Natsu said looking pissed. "Tch, that little runt? He's nothing but an annoying brat. It doesn't matter what happens to him, plus it's fun."

All I can say is he shouldn't have said that. Natsu punched him so hard he flew across the room and crashed into a table. "Try saying that again and see what happens." Natsu said. I stood there shaking a little.

"WHAT THE HELL! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE PINKY?!" The guy screamed. Natsu's eyes narrowed and he stood in front of the guy.

"Listen to me very closely. If I see you hurt Zack or anyone else I will personally find you and make you wish you had never laid a finger on him. You do NOT treat him like that under ANY circumstances cause I could knock you out so fast you won't know what hit you." Natsu said and kicked him down.

As he was walking out, he stopped "And, it's salmon." He said. He walked past me and went straight to his house. I just stood there, shaking and the guy was cursing cause he had quite a few cuts.

I eventually got myself to walk home. Man, you wouldn't even guess he got shot in the first place.


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